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Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, in which 340 days a year the sun shines on the palms shout brought by Columbus from America parrots all around smiling, elderly people, children, athletes, and even dogs, knowingly Statistics this city in third place in the world in the number of happy people. In Barcelona fall in love once and for all, she captivates his joyful energy, the azure blue of the sky, the incredible architecture and the feeling that everything is designed and intended for one purpose, that people were well.



If you exercise, the morning run is the perfect way to start the day in Barcelona. Tourists are still sleeping, and you combine sport and the opportunity to enjoy the city in a unique time when not a soul there except you and other runners on streets. The best way to reach the beach San Syebactiyan, that the W Hotel and then return to the city through the port and shopping center Maremagnum.


Breakfast is on the market Bokeria it is always a feast of taste and a lot of impressions. Be sure to come early, after 10 It is here too crowded, and in the early hours only local grandmother with shopping carts. The choice of fresh seafood and snacks, which are cooked in front of you at the café El Quim De La Boqueria. Try an omelet with potatoes "tortilla de patatas", artichokes grilled "alkachofas" prawns "Gambas" and mussels in tomato sauce "mehiyones". What? All this for breakfast? - you ask. Of course, because you need to recuperate after jogging.

Another version of the more original breakfast on Bokeria is to buy in the store El Celler de la Boqueria, a step away from that market, a bottle of sparkling "Cava Brut Nature" (Catalan champagne) and go on a series of fish for oysters. You kindly open their chat on the counter, will pour the lemon juice and even give glasses of champagne.


Get lost in the maze of narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, the most ancient district of Barcelona, ​​it is a real adventure. Medieval stone walls, cozy small square and street musicians that add flavor. You can look at the area St. Philip Neri, the center of which are two huge acacia grow, and then go inside cathedral, in which up to 12 free entrance. In short shorts, skirts and bare shoulders are not allowed in the temple. A unique example of Gothic architecture in the courtyard of grazing geese impudent.


Connoisseurs of flavored and properly brewed coffee are invited to light to Satan. coffee house Satan’s Corner is located in the Jewish Quarter of Barcelona, ​​it serves the most delicious cappuccino in the city with the original home-made cakes. Satan can have a snack and take a look at Barcelona's hipsters.


After an invigorating coffee worth your time shopping. Barcelona is famous for a good selection of clothes and high quality shoes. Most main streets for shopping is the boulevard Paseo de Gracia and Portal del Angel. On the street Pelayo many shoe stores. Small boutiques, local designers are in the streets of the Born quarter Rec, Paseo del Born and Banys Vells. Tastefully chosen perfumes awaits you in the boutique Commercial. Wine and Spanish delicacies you can not only buy, but also to taste the store Vila Viniteca.


The cult of the Mediterranean food are sacred. Gourmets from all over the world come to Barcelona to treat yourself to the local gastronomic delights, an abundance of restaurants to suit all tastes amazing. Visit gastronomic space National, where a very beautiful design and a chance to try the main Spanish snacks "tapas", drinking a glass of wine, order a cheese platter and thinly sliced ​​ham flavored.


Traditional Spanish "siesta" was invented for a reason. After a full dinner you have no options. A couple of hours an afternoon nap and recharge your batteries allow up late to enjoy Barcelona. Just be careful to such a relaxed rhythm quickly get used to.


Spa Aire de Barcelona It is housed in the old Arab baths, stone walls which are immersed in the mysterious atmosphere of the ancient East. Inside reigns pleasant shade, you immediately disconnected from the outside world, you forget the bustle of the city and start having fun. The perfect place for a romantic getaway with your spouse. Thermal pools, jacuzzi, hammam, massages and even a bath for two, filled with wine.


Passionate flamenco dance is an explosion of emotions when the heart stops, goose bumps, the desire to shout "Ole!" And start to dance together with the dancers. In the old palace Palau Dalmasses building each evening passes authentic flamenco show, after which you will have a long time to boil the blood.


One of the most beautiful panoramic areas of Barcelona is located on the mountain of Montjuic in front of Hotel Miramar. Take a taxi, get up here the sunset, offers views of the city, the sea and the port of Barcelona, ​​and then go to a restaurant terrace Martinez, It is offering a wonderful view at least, and the menu is delicious paella and fish dishes and seafood.

23-00 and till the morning ....

Night program in Barcelona starts with the standard bypass all kinds of bars. You can start with a few glasses of wine in the cozy bar Super Super, in Borne. Then head to the nearby cocktail bar Collage, where a huge variety of delicious and inexpensive cocktails. And when he was in quite a good mood to get to the bar Marsella and drink a glass of absinthe, as it was done here by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. If the bar tour was a success, it's time to go to the dance, for example, to the club Apolo or Macarena.



If dancing is not delayed Saturday until dawn and you cheerful and full of energy, it's time to go to the beach and try out popular sport paddle surfing. The surf school Pukas Surf You can rent everything you need to learn to keep balance while standing on the board and moving around the surface of the sea with the help of a paddle. Fun fall view of Barcelona from the sea and the opportunity to try something new to energize you for the day.


Traditional Sunday morning barselontsy begin with vermouth. Soak up late in bed, they lazily leaving their homes and heading for the favorite tables terraces to hang out, have breakfast and enjoy the day off. We strongly recommend that you do not deviate from the Spanish schedule and evaluate a bunch of local flavor vermouth, which will be served with ice, olives and a slice of orange. To be in the thick of things, head to the Parlament street, the entire length of a set of bars with wine casks and snacks to suit all tastes. Of all the institutions we enjoy most The jets Parliament and Bodega Vinita.


Sunday morning blends in dinner and since that day all the shops, markets and shopping centers are closed, people are shopping instead pay tribute to gluttony, walks or cultural program. Barcelona is often referred to as an open air museum, in which case the temple Sagrada Familia its most important exhibit. Incredible beauty structure is the result of a mad fantasy of architect Antonio Gaudi, which is dedicated to this project more 40 years of his life. When you get inside the temple, there is no doubt the genius of Gaudi, and the power of his talent. Buy tickets official website in advance to avoid long queues.


Spanish cuisine is famous not only for snacks "tapas", but also all sorts of creative canapés, which are called "pintxos". On a piece of baguette grow compositions of the different ingredients, it may be a chorizo ​​sausage, goat cheese, anchovies, vegetables and much more. With a glass of wine or draft beer pintxos go with a bang. Лучшее место для них это улица Blas, особенно заведение The Tasqueta Blas.


Thanks to the many bike paths, excellent climate and its compact size, Barcelona is an ideal city for cycling. On the street in Milans Rivera box cute guys will provide you with a bike, and now the sea breeze ruffled hair while you race along the beach, enjoying the feeling of complete freedom. On a bicycle you can travel through all the major attractions in Barcelona, ​​Born district, Ciutadella park, the boulevard Paseo de Gracia, where are located Gaudi houses.


Nice view of the yachts and the port of Barcelona opens from the restaurant terrace 1881 per Sagardi. Here you can sit with a glass of wine in a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the sunset, and then go to dinner in a tavern Ostia, that very close and where prepare traditional Catalan dishes in a modern processing.


Listen to jazz or Spanish guitar Sunday night can be in schools Thief 23 or Big Bang. This is a very picturesque place in blighted Raval district, where there is the spirit of Almodovar's movies and do not leave your belongings unattended. If you want to see Barcelona underground, you here.

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The beach of San Sebastian (San Sebastian) Plaza de la Rosa dels Vents, 1
Boqueria Market Rambla, 91
Площадь St. Philip Neri Plaça Sant Felip Neri
Cathedral Pla de la Seu, s / n
Кофейня Satan’s Coffee Corner Arch Street San Ramon del Call, 11 или Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 700
Спа Aire de Barcelona Passeig Picasso, 22
Bar Super Super Street Sparta, 14
Cocktail bar Collage Street Advisers, 4
Бар Marseille Sant Pau, 65
Apolo Nightclub Nou de la Rambla, 113
Nightclub Macarena New San Francisco, 5
Тапас бар jets Parliament Parliament Street, 53

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