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When an old wine cellar in the heart of Bourne turned into a bar, He instantly became a second home for many. And all because, that in this place is perfectly all - Interior, wine selection, snacks and hot meals, atmosphere, cocktails and staff. Bar lives up to its name, here is really all Super, super.

Immediately it becomes clear, that wonderful gay couple, opened this bar, invested in it his whole soul. The guys have done a place, once in which, forget about time. It seems dropped in the early evening glass of wine on, and were finishing second after a delicious mojito at least a decent dinner among gay and fashionable cosmopolitans.

Inside, in addition to a spacious bar rack there are about five tables, plus a wide windowsill, at which you can sit inside, and outdoor street. In addition, two high barrel at the entrance, for that, too, you can sit and watch the measured rhythm of the bohemian Born area.

Be sure to try the Galician white wine Bolo, on a hot summer evening, it goes with a bang. To blame it serves excellent appetizers: olives, salted trout, carpaccio of cod, zucchini with scallop, foie gras, salad with mozzarella, Various dishes with seafood, cheeses, etc.. Desserts here are brought straight from the confectionery Hofmann. On Saturday and Sunday it is worth to come to the morning vermouth.

If you walk around Born, certainly drop into Super, super. All will be super, I promise!

Bar Born Super Super (1)
Average check: €€€
Address: Street Sparta, 14
Metro station: Jaume I, Barceloneta
Phone: +34 932 680 610
Working hours: Tuesday to Friday from 17-00 and two nights, on Saturday from 12-00 and up to three nights, Sundays from 12-00 to 16-00.

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