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The most popular and ancient Barcelona market is located in the heart of the city, It goes to the main Las Ramblas, it is a stone's throw from the metro station Liceu.

The first mention of Bokeria dated 1237 year: the old city gates formed grocery market, which traded peasants from neighboring towns and farms.

Now on the market 300 counters and 11 series, total area 6000 square meters. The metal roof was built in 1914 in upper Raval. For some time now the market has not only a direct function, but it is considered one of the major attractions in Barcelona, the atmosphere is truly unique reigns. The market offers a wide range of fruits and vegetables from all over the world, sausages, birds, meat, smoked, wine, cheese, salted and live fish, of bread, seafood, pickles and sweets.

This mecca for the world of culinary professionals, gourmets and lovers of varied gastronomic discoveries. It has been estimated, that coexist under the market roof about 20 thousands of different flavors. Here you can find any sort of mushrooms, rare spices, berries, tropical fruits ... .i do not think, prices here specially for tourists overestimate, this is not true. People come here to purchase the products themselves barselontsy, that speaks to their very affordable price.

Traditional purchase on the market much more "live" event, than the duty visit to the supermarket. Each counter personality with a unique story behind, sometimes the seller is working here in the third generation, an incredible mix of colors, odor, individual and sensations. Tourists take pictures in full, here are loyal to this, no one will be indignant against shooting.

Among the small bars open shelves, where you poured cold beer or a glass of wine and offer a wide range of "tapas" snacks with fresh market products. We recommend to arrange a tasting of local delicacies right there, as the saying goes, "On the spot".

For visitors Boqueria market is open from Monday to Saturday inclusive, from 9 a.m. to 20-00 evening. true, its internal mechanism revives much earlier, Large products and careful preparation counters starts three hours prior to the opening. The title of the most beautiful market in the world to earn not just.

La Boqueria Barcelona-1024 × 630
Average check: €€
Address: Rambla, 91
Metro station: Liceu
Working hours:

Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 20-00


The best time to visit the market - from 9 to 11 in the morning, when there are no crowds of tourists.

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