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This cathedral was built over 120 years. The construction in 1882. Legend says that the Chairman of the Cathedral of customers had a dream that it will build a blonde with blue eyes. He saw Gaudi and immediately appointed him. On account of his time there was only one building - a workshop for bleaching cotton.

Drawing inspiration in nature, Gaudi created a design that seemed impossible his colleagues. Only a decade after the death of the architect, in the computer age, it has been proved - engineering solutions, which Gaudi came intuitively, fully meet the laws of mechanics. Gaudi's contemporaries were convinced that the main body of the church will certainly collapse. Columns go deep into the earth to 20 meters in height and reach 70 m. Each of them can withstand the seven-point earthquake, and wind gusts up to two hundred kilometers per hour ".

Permanent construction obstacle was the lack of funds: such an ambitious project was built solely on donations from the residents of Barcelona. Primarily due to a lack of funds and the cathedral became a protracted. Only recently the construction attracted investors' funds, including foreign. Gaudi, however, questions about the timing of construction replied calmly: "My client is not in a hurry".

1926 g. in Barcelona was officially put into operation the first tram. Only one event marred the holiday - a few hours after the opening movement of the wheels of the car got some old beggar. He was taken to hospital where he died shortly. The body had already gathered to send in a common grave. And one of the employees of the hospital identified the body. It was Gaudi. Architect buried in the crypt of the Sagrada Familia - the cathedral, which he regarded as the main business of his life. He was 74 of the year.

In our 36 year when the Spanish civil war broke out, the construction was interrupted. The anarchists, who at that time actually belonged to power in the city, destroyed almost all the models and drawings of Gaudí. Until Franco's death in 1975 construction stopped. According to the plans of Gaudi, Sagrada Familia temple must have three facades - the Nativity, the Passion and Ascension of Christ. Above them rise 12 towers - the number of apostles. Yet 6 towers should be erected above the central nave: 4 in honor of the evangelists, one dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the highest, 170 meters - Christ. During the life of Gaudí was completed only a facade of the Nativity and its four towers crowning the apostles. Decorating towers architect paid special attention, tried to do so "to the angels it was nice to see them". Poet Lorca to see the tower of the cathedral, Gaudi asked: "Are you creating organov for the Lord?" Nodded Gaudi. His dream was to get into the wind tower resonate so that the temple was music creation.

According to the plan in the cathedral should be three main facade of the three mysteries of the Nativity, the Passion, and Glory.

During the life of Gaudí it was built only one facade - Christmas. We see the Virgin Mary and Child with the Magi kneeling angels with musical instruments. Buglers notify birth. Doves symbolize the souls of the dead who fall into the afterlife. All pieces are made in the natural growth. Casts from these animals euthanized. Gaudí does not imitate nature, it becomes very nature. The abundance of biblical scenes converted the cathedral into a "stone Bible".

Second Passion facade built Josep Maria Josep Maria Subirachs. Retain the idea, I changed a little style and composition. His favorite style is Cubism. This is the main entrance to the temple. Death, suffering, entrance through the gloom into a paradise. Jesus first shows naked. Scenes - The Last Supper, Judas Kiss. Magic square - figure 33 summed up everywhere.

The principle of modernity is ornateness form, roundness. If it were not for Gaudi, the Sagrada Familia would be the usual classical temple in the Gothic style, stained glass, gargoyles.

"Traditional Gothic system - dead system. It can be compared to a human being, the skeleton of which, instead of being harmoniously to keep the different parts of the body, was crushed flesh, which he supported, and needed props of any kind ", - wrote Gaudi. Normal arches Gaudi called crutches. The more brittle sound of his arches, the stronger they are.

"It will be like a forest. Soft light will pour through the window openings are at different heights, and you feel that it is the stars shine, "- wrote the architect

Temple will sing - it will be like a living body, there will be a plurality of tubular bells. Total 16 columns - each bell. It will be playing resonating building. One key - and a half thousand bells. But perhaps the neighbors will be very loud.

Sagrada Familia, and so causes conflicting feelings and events that took place 28 November 2000 year, added the Barcelona long-term construction mystery. This day was scheduled consecration ceremony is born Temple. But the solemn event was overshadowed by. Early in the morning of the same day the city began a hurricane, and the site of the Temple of the Holy Family with a terrible roar fallen pommel, crowning one of the arches of the window opening. Perhaps in any other city this would be seen as a bad sign, but not in Barcelona. Consecration still held.

According to the construction plan in the end 2026, the anniversary of Gaudi smetri.

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Address: Mallorca, 401
Metro station: sacred Family
Working hours: From October to March 9.00 to 18.00. From April to September 9.00 to 20.00 (25 and 26 December - 1 and 6 January to 9.00 to 14.00)
entrance fee: from 15 € per ticket €

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Sagrada Familia

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Sagrada Familia Cathedral
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