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Temple Sagrada Familia built almost 140 years. After St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City is the second most visited church in Europe. The construction in 1882, when Gaudi was 30 years and he was full of ambition and energy. In the end, he gave up the project 40 years of his life, and not having time to finish his major masterpiece. When asked about the timing of Gaudi replied calmly: "My client is in no hurry".

The main source of inspiration for Gaudí was the nature, he often repeated, there is no need to invent anything new, everything is already so long ago created by God. Mediterranean Sea, the mountains, flowers, animals, trees - the main sources of inspiration Gaudi.

Gaudi's contemporaries were convinced, that the main body of the Sagrada Familia will certainly collapse. Columns go deep into the earth to 20 m, and high reach 70 m. Thanks to new technologies has been calculated, that each of them can withstand the seven-point earthquake, and wind gusts up to two hundred kilometers per hour.

Connection with nature was his need for early childhood. Antonio was deprived of outdoor games, as suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Among his earliest memories - overheard parents and doctor, who predicted the child is very short life. Adult Gaudí confessed, at that moment I felt an irresistible desire to live. And then I put a lot of effort, to live fully. Following medical prescription, he became a lifelong vegetarian and from an early age acquired the habit, in spite of severe pain, go for long walks on foot.

The most famous member of the Catalan patrons was a highly textile magnate and Count Eusebi Güell, in whom Gaudi at the Paris World Exhibition in 1878 year gained a friend and sponsor of a lifetime.

daily service, permanent post, indifference to material affairs forced the Barcelona company considered aged architect almost the holy fool. In the life of Antonio was a period, when he sought to become part of the "progressive society", sizhival in coffee, interested in fashion, social and political trends. But faith still won and Gaudi away from the material world of benefits, completely giving himself to creativity.

Smerty Gaudi tragic and ridiculous. He accidentally falls under a tram, one of the first launched in Barcelona. His life at that time (73 years) was so ascetic, that he was taken for a tramp and did not assisted. Finally, located at Gaudí's death are taken to hospital. In his pockets they found only a handful of nuts, and the Gospel. And three days later, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Barcelona, to join in a grand funeral procession. "Catalonia has lost a genius!" - headlines herald gazet.Velikogo architect was buried in the crypt of the Sagrada Familia and the entire Barcelona came to bid farewell to a genius.

poet Lorca, seeing the towers of the cathedral, Gaudi asked: "Are you, create to organs for the Lord? "Gaudi nodded. His dream was to make the tower in wind resonate, to the temple was music creation. In the final draft of the Temple of Gaudi's dream comes true, specially designed for sagrada familia tubular bells will be installed in each of the towers, the sound of which is spread over the whole of Barcelona from the organist of the game.

The second facade of the Passion of Christ, built after the death of the maestro Josep Maria Subirachs. He retained the idea, He radically changed the style. The figures on the facade made in the style of Cubism. Severe broken lines cause a storm of emotions. This is not the joy of the birth of the Son of God, is death, pains, the naked truth about the betrayal of the people. Jesus on the facade shows a completely naked, which caused negative with the public. magic Quadrant, where the number 33, Christ age, stacks in any sequence. The facade was adopted skeptical and did not like barselontsy. He was too modern and conceptual for time.

"It will be like a forest. Soft light will pour through the window openings, located at different heights, and you feel, that is the light of the stars ", - architect wrote. According to the construction plan in the end 2026, the anniversary of Gaudi's death. It remains to build a facade of Fame and two towers - Mary and Christ. The tower height is Christ 172 m, on 8 see below Montjuic, because Gaudí wanted, his creation was above God's creation.

Tickets to Sagrada Familia is better to buy in advance through SITE, so as not to stand in line. At the bottom of the page, find the option Basic Ticket, the cost of which 17 €.

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Address: Mallorca, 401
Metro station: sacred Family
Phone: +34 932 08 04 14
Working hours:

From October to March 9.00 to 18.00. From April to September 9.00 to 20.00 (25 and 26 December - 1 and 6 January to 9.00 to 14.00)


Buy tickets in advance via the website

entrance fee: 17 €

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Sagrada Familia

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