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Если хотите познакомиться с Испанией, Барселоной и вообще узнать что-то особенное об этой стране, лучше Вероники не найдёте! Она потрясающий собеседник, интересный рассказчик и очень любящий своё дело человек. Спасибо за прекрасные впечатления. Теперь мы тоже любим Барселону!

I am with my daughter arrived in Barcelona on 3 days to walk. Honestly, did not expect, so have a good time. There was everything: the weather, and mood, and hotel, and a choice of restaurants, and especially our tour guide Nick, who gave us all the recommendations. we 2 day walked with her through the city, picnicked, ride bikes, We were on flamenco. Many thanks to Nick for a super time and your company !!!
We fell in love with this city for a few days! We will recommend to all of Nick as a guide!

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This year I celebrated my birthday in Barcelona! It was a memorable and exciting, largely thanks Nick! Nika, Thank you so much for your concern, for impressions, теплоту и любовь к Барселоне! Благодаря твоим советам я несколько дней наслаждалась вкусной едой и красивыми местами )))

I will recommend you to all my friends! Until we meet again! You cool 🙂


We spent a few days in Barcelona and decided to arrange a tour by bicycle. Nick kindly met us halfway and organized excursion. It was very interesting. Thank you for this and pickup, you gave. It was great!

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I want to thank Veronica for, it made our trip memorable and fun !!! She was able to open Barcelona from all sides. Thank you for an evening bar tour, which fell on the day Sergei birthday and left a lot of vivid impressions . And our biking will remain in my memory forever! Veronica interesting , clever , attentive guide, who knows how to find an approach to every tourist! I recommend to everyone!!!

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It is very important in getting acquainted with the city to meet someone, which will reveal the soul and spirit of this city. We were lucky coincidence we met a lovely Nick, Woman with unique energy, charisma and talent guide !! She showed us the most beautiful architectural creations, I ride on the dangerous rayonchik, We stopped at a quiet and cozy vermouth bar (because the Spaniards morning begins with a glass of vermouth, and in general they are not particularly in a hurry), and most importantly listen to our requests and suggestions, we loved it! 3 day in Barcelona is nothing at all, a lot of things still do not look, be sure to come back here.

The most vivid impressions:

- Flamenco Show
- Cathedral of Santa Eulalia
- Cathedral of the Holy Family, which is still under construction for nearly 100 years after Gaudi's death
- Gaudi's house
- The architecture of the old town with lots of narrow streets, chamber areas and that many different shops
- Boqueria Market - any, even the most unusual ingredients for any recipe can be found here. Everything is fresh and incredibly tasty! Here everything is cooked and delivered to your gastronomic pleasure! It also works grandfather 84 years- this market is a legend, who started to work with 7 years, helping mom, and has since been working in now his bar Pinocho, Bartschik right of the central input
- Bright sun, blue sea and the positive mood is relaxed in the air

Nika, Thank you!! We will definitely return and organize more than one joint tour of your wonderful city !!!

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Dear Veronica! For the first time, I spent my birthday in Barcelona and it was unforgettable, thanks to you, Veronica! You are a true master of his craft! It was informative and, and funny! I am very pleased and happy, that chose this tour! I recommend to all my friends in the event of coming to Barcelona to choose this tour. Thank you so much!

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Co words of sincere joy ready to say, that Barcelona is a beautiful city, impressive for its architecture and beauty, and I am very pleased to say, Veronica is very beautiful girl, guide and counselor!
We were pleased, Veronica met us at the airport and immediately was able to convey the Spanish feature of enjoying life. Excursion divided into 2 periods: day and at sunset. It was great to take a stroll through the old town, squares and eat the most delicious octopus in my life! And in the evening we went by car to the top of Montjuic, the nearest mountain to the city center, and views of the city in great company.
Unfortunately, many do not have time to see Barcelona and the surrounding area. This like, the benefit is to turn to for advice.
Veronica - you're the best! We wish prosperity to you and your company!
Thank you.
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Just got back from Spain. We spent several days in Barcelona. Unforgettable days! In this beautiful city we were not the first time. But this time,, spending time here with Veronica, we saw and learned an amazing medieval Barcelona, living today and now. Among this Gothic and old quarters, we saw it, that ordinary tourists unknown. Unforgettable experience left a night of Barcelona! Small restaurants with the locals, bars, Pleasant, friendly communication! Thank you, Nika! We hope to meet again! Greetings!

Veronica, expensive!

It was the first my acquaintance with Barcelona, and it was a great success! thanks to you and your work. We got an unforgettable experience, We visited nooks Barcelona and enjoy the delicious cuisine of Catalonia! And all this thanks to you! You are an expert in their field. Everything is done with a smile and interest. It is very important. We appreciated it and continue, Our next trip to Spain, and they will not be enough, not do without your promoting. Now we are friends! know, there is always waiting for you in Moscow the same beautiful people, like you! kiss, embrace!

Ksenia and Konstantin

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