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Horseback riding among the volcanoes

I want to express my gratitude for this tour!

We met a number of our apartments, on my way, which is about an hour with a small, told us all sorts of interesting things about Spain, Catalonia and Barcelona.

Time passed unnoticed. The first stop was in the village of Santa Pau, we ate local white beans in a rustic restaurant, where there are very proud of, and even put a white monument in the form of fasolinki.

After a delicious lunch, we headed to the horse, Stables are located in a very scenic location, among small volcanoes, in addition to horses there is, rabbits and ponies, kids will be sooooo exciting!
The walk takes an average of an hour, but in a sense it 15 minutes. Types simply stunning! In sunny weather, with a mandatory protection from the sun!

Next we were taken to another village Besalu, breathtakingly beautiful and old! For an hour we wandered around its streets. Procuring magnets and souvenirs we headed in the direction of Barcelona, continuing to listen to the interesting things about the local way of life.

I would highly recommend this tour, it will show you a quiet and natural Spain!

Paul and Mary

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Veronica, спасибо за организованное мне мероприятие "Полёт на шаре". It was my first flight. Many emotions! Everything was great!

Here we are at home in Russia. Just yesterday walked through the beautiful, warm, welcoming Barcelona. Такой нам ее увидеть помогла Вероника! Вероника нами была выбрана "случайно" неслучайно. We saw a sketch of it on youtube at videoblogera Andrew Burenok and realized we want to see as a guide only her. And we did not regret. Veronica took us the Gothic Quarter. We went to the mountain of Montserrat, Figueres Salvador in Dudley Museum, Girona. This is a very educated, competent, a tactful girl showed us all the splendor of these places! We were very pleased!!! We will recommend it to all our friends. Separately bow of Montserrat without people and the queues !!!!! You are in our hearts!

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I want to thank Veronica for the excursions. Barcelona were a group 4 Rights in September 2018 of the year. I, to be honest, I saw quite a number of videos from various Veronikinyh videoblogerov, so a rough idea of ​​excursions format had. AND ... neither I, nor my company for a second was not disappointed in the, that the entire set of guides is chosen walk with Veronica. She is the most lively and nezanudny guide of all. Although our trip was just sightseeing, but it was held in a pleasant walk of cognitive format, easy communication. Veronica just has to itself and its interest the story you, as truly loves Barcelona and tries to convey this love and you. There is always ready to help solve any issues, related to the stay in the Catalan capital. on tour time flew just quietly. And oysters with Cava in the Boqueria market are simply delicious. Thank you for the great time. My aunt even photographed at the end of the tour, поскольку с ее слов "я редко когда бываю такой довольный". I hope, that will come back to Barcelona somehow. I really liked it.

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We were in Barcelona in July 2018. family of 5 guests. We had two tours - a walk through Barcelona and second-Montjuïc. Veronica we really liked! We had a great time both times. Veronica listened to even a child 5 years. Be sure to turn more, when we get in the next time. I recommend to everyone!

We were in Barcelona during the May holidays. We had to celebrate a friend's birthday. We rely on the advice of Veronica, and she gave us literally step by step instructions, explaining, how and what to do. Veronica Tips extraordinarily accurate and practical, and filled our stay in Barcelona very fantastic content. Oysters with champagne Bokeria, trip to Monserrat, bouquet of gastronomic delights for lunch, and all this, note, at reasonable prices. Veronica knows his stuff, and the usual chat with her very nice and enriches it with new knowledge interlocutors.

If you want to get acquainted with Spain, Barcelona and even learn something special about this country, Veronica will not find better! She is a terrific conversationalist, interesting storyteller and a very loving their job man. Thank you for the wonderful experience. Now we also love Barcelona!

I am with my daughter arrived in Barcelona on 3 days to walk. Honestly, did not expect, so have a good time. There was everything: the weather, and mood, and hotel, and a choice of restaurants, and especially our tour guide Nick, who gave us all the recommendations. we 2 day walked with her through the city, picnicked, ride bikes, We were on flamenco. Many thanks to Nick for a super time and your company !!!
We fell in love with this city for a few days! We will recommend to all of Nick as a guide!

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This year I celebrated my birthday in Barcelona! It was a memorable and exciting, largely thanks Nick! Nika, Thank you so much for your concern, for impressions, теплоту и любовь к Барселоне! Благодаря твоим советам я несколько дней наслаждалась вкусной едой и красивыми местами )))

I will recommend you to all my friends! See you soon! You are cool 🙂


We spent a few days in Barcelona and decided to arrange a tour by bicycle. Nick kindly met us halfway and organized excursion. It was very interesting. Thank you for this and pickup, you gave. It was great!

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