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In Barcelona, ​​a lot of restaurants, right at the entrance where it is written «paella + sangria». It is not necessary to go to such places. Special, if downtown, eg, of bulyvare Ramblas, which are often at the entrance are barkers and almost by force trying to drag passersby inside. Under the guise of incomparable Spanish food in such establishments will be served paella cake mix from the bag, which usually costs a few euros in a supermarket and it needs to be defrosted before cooking. And the prices are usually much higher, locations than, which serves this delicious paella. So where in Barcelona the most delicious paella?

For a start we tell you about this dish.

Homeland paella - the city of Valencia, in other areas of Spain's original recipe paella copied, more or less successfully. Originally, the word "paella" means a special round pan, where this dish is prepared. Traditional paella is of three kinds: the actual Valencian paella «paella valenciana», seafood paella «paella de marisco» and mixed paella «paella mixta». All other variations are considered to have, improvisations and fantasies on popular dishes.

Valencian paella is made from white rice Round, green vegetables, meat, green beans and seasonings. Seafood Paella, as the name implies, replace meat with fish and seafood, but it also has another difference - it usually does not contain beans and green vegetables. Mixed paella is usually consists of meat, seafood, beans and vegetables in various proportions and combinations. And almost all kinds of paella spice saffron, salt, pepper, and prepare a dish just in olive oil.

The tradition of cooking rice with meat, seafood and vegetables, as well as the tradition of using saffron, mavretanskomu dates back to the period in Spain.

Despite its Arab roots, Paella is fundamentally different from the eastern pilaf, that the rice for her never fried in oil, and the preparation of dishes begins with, that the meat is fried in oil. Then add to the meat green vegetables, that stew until soft, then garlic, crushed tomatoes and beans, then pepper, then water, saffron, snails and rosemary; the whole mixture is brought to reflux, put the rice and cook until done, seasoned with fresh rosemary and served at the table.

A few stunning recipes from the professional culinary world Cuinera-Catalana:

Black rice

Ovoshtnaya paэlyya


Sepia Black Rice

Paella in Barcelona on the map

Restaurant Can Sabata

Restaurant Can Sabata

Restaurant Can Sabata is located on the Costa Brava in the town of Lloret de Mar and specializes in rice dishes. Here elegant paella, which is prepared in an open kitchen right in front of you. Rarely it happens in a restaurant, everything to be perfect - prices, palatability dishes, serving size, Courtesy and promptness of staff. Can Sabata this restaurant, who want to visit again and again.
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Bar Escribà

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Paella restaurant Elche

Paella restaurant Elche

The restaurant "Elche" in the neighborhood of Poble Sec over fifty years, preparing a very tasty paella. restaurant Hosts, Iborra family, call ...

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