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Barcelona is, of course, sangria, tapas, and flamenco Sea. Listen and look at the performance of the most genuine flamenco is available every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday in Robadors institution 23 the address of the same name in the middle of Raval area.

Here comes a cheerful young people from different countries who are not looking for pathos, and wish to listen to the musicians, the speakers are not routinely beat to entertain tourists, but from the heart and with real passion.

According ponedelnkam here playing hip-hop, on Wednesdays and Fridays, jazz, and on Thursdays indie, pop and all kinds of music. The detailed program of concerts can be viewed HERE.

It is better to come in advance to take a table right in front of the stage, as this institution tiny size only 30 seats. The bar is very reasonable prices, rum and cola 5 €, mojito 4,5 and beer for 2 €. If you get drunk much, it will be difficult to defend from prostitutes and drug dealers who ply once again on the street Robadors. No wonder the street name translates from Catalan as "thieves" of pickpockets in this area too short. So be careful not to have to pay for the authentic flavor of Barcelona too high a price.

Entrance to the concerts purely symbolic - 3 €, concerts start at 21-00.

Robadors 23 Flamenco V Barcelone03
Average check:
Address: Carrer d'En Robador, 23
Metro station: Liceu
Working hours: Concerts begin at 19-30 or 21-00 See schedule on website
entrance fee: 3€ €

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