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The most famous Spanish dish is, of course, paella. Hailing from Valencia, this dish requires special preparation on metal pan impressive size called "paelera". This allows you to put in it all the ingredients in a small layer, causing the water to evaporate uniformly and quickly, without giving rice seethe. In each Spanish province has its own quirks cooking paella. Usually in its composition except rice include chicken, rabbit, mussels, shrimp, slices of squid or fish, artichokes, green beans, tomatoes, etc.. Because it is very important spice saffron.

In Barcelona, ​​a huge choice of restaurants, many of which have lured tourists to supposedly traditional paella with sangria. Be careful, because it is often cheaper rice cake mix, which is issued for the original dish. To taste the real paella, best to book a table at restaurants tested, where for many years in a row with love and professionalism prepare this dish. And another tip, order paella for lunch, not for dinner, it's a pretty heavy meal, which should not overeat before bedtime.

List of the best places, where is necessary to try paella in Barcelona:

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Bar Escribà Avenida Litoral, 62
Ресторан Xativa Castle Carrer de Valencia, 360
Paella restaurant Elche Carrer de Vila i Vilà, 71
Ресторан Echo Plaza del Mar, 1
Ресторан Can Sole San Carlos Street, 4

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