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From our guide, you will find the most interesting and useful about the city of Barcelona. You will be able to prepare in advance the trip, adding favorite places to favorites, and already on arrival to solve, where to go, what to visit, where to dine, dance and the best way to spend time in this beautiful city.

Happy in Spain - a unique project, created with special awe and love. After all, every corner of this city harbors special memories for us. Having lived here for many years, we studied the whole range of local restaurants, bars, shops and discotheques.

The main objective of this project - to surprise the guests of the Catalan capital and to do so, to your impressions of Barcelona in no way clouded, you to try only the best, to see the most interesting and always wanted to return to this wonderful city again.

You will understand once, that Barcelona is easy to be happy. Here a great climate, 300 days of sunshine per year, clean beaches, unique architecture, creations of genius Gaudi, Picasso and Dali museums, tasty food, sangria flowing river, strolling through the streets of smiling people. Barcelona - a city of joy and love, where you can be yourself and enjoy life from the soul.

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