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From now on, do not have to behave well, to go to heaven, you will not even have to die for the sake of. For several months, any mortal may be in heaven, because it is so translates the name of one of the best of Barcelona Speakeasy.

Hotels in New City, is not always clear exactly where to look for heavenly delight. Perhaps you have repeatedly passed the door to heaven, which is not surprising, because the bar Paradiso hiding behind the secret entrance. From the street you will see a small cafe Pastrami, which opened up the guys from Rooftop Smokehouse, Barcelona's famous participants gastro fairs and street food's Event. The main hit of the menu - smoked ham sandwich with homemade pastrami. There are also variants with cheese or smoked mackerel.

Tasting delicatessen meats, look around. Portal underworld very close. I do not know, as in other places, but in Barcelona in heaven fall through the old fridge door. It was her hidden underground bar Paradiso, which has become one of the most high-end and trendy establishments in Barcelona.

Inside the hall dimmed light and pleasant music. The bar creates Giacomo Gianotti, one of the best cocktail bartenders Spain. Watch him work a real pleasure, his every move is mesmerizing, and every cocktail surprises and proves once again that you are in paradise.

The most popular cocktail, this Mediterranean treasure on the basis of vodka Ketel One, a liqueur of elderberry, lemon, agave syrup, cilantro and egg white. He served it in a seashell, from which languidly spreads at the bar smoke of thyme and rosemary. Carnivore recommend Breakfast in Kentucky, where Maker's Mark whiskey infused with bacon, mix with maple syrup, marmalade of bitter orange and Angostura. In honor of Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby during Prohibition in the US, there is created a special drink. Had received the title of the novel, this is a cocktail of whiskey Macallan Amber, Amaro Ramazzotti, truffle honey and lavender bitters. It is served with blue cheese, vanilla and chocolate. Futurist molecular mixology creations in all its glory. The future has arrived, and it excites, amuses and incredibly happy.

Paradiso way inside the bar there is another secret door. But for her, we will not tell you. cost cocktails 12 €, better to arrive early and on weekdays, on Fridays and Saturdays in the garden too crowded.

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Average check: €€€
Address: Carrer Rera Palau, 4
Metro station: Barceloneta, Jaume I
Phone: +34 933 607 222
Working hours:

Every day from 19-00 and up to three nights

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