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We invite all gourmets and lovers of fun to visit the most picturesque places in the Barcelona gay bar-tour format. There is such a thing, as the Spanish triathlon, This "eat, drink and sleep ". We will teach you the basics of the sport!

Barselontsy know how to live in a fun and happy to share their gastronomic traditions. During our tapas tour we go around five colorful places, where you try the typical snacks of the Spanish regions, learn how to pour the cider, drinking vessel through the Catalan "porron" and learn a lot of interesting and fun about Spanish traditions.

Что такое кава? Где пили абсент Дали и Лорка? Как правильно нарезать хамон? В каком регионе Испании делают самый вонючий сыр? На эти и многие другие вопросы вы получите ответы на нашем вечернем тусовочном туре. The program includes a lot of surprises and secret locations. Only one important caveat - we never know, where and in what kind of company you run this hot night Barcelona.

Home in 19-00 Born in quarters. Tour cost - 150 €. duration 3 o'clock. The price does not include drinks and snacks (approximately 30-40 Euro per person).

Always Fashion Five Vermuterias of Barcelona unmissable
Phone: +34675323976
Working hours:

Home in 20-00

cost: 150 €
Бар Marseille Sant Pau, 65
Ресторан The Winch 1769 Street Sombrerers, 7
Wine shop Vila Viniteca Agullers 9 (Гастрономия и вино) или Agullers 7 (Wine only)

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