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Handbook for seafood lovers:

Marisco (Marisco) - seafood:

- Ostra (Acute) - Ustritsa

– Sepia (Сэпиа) – Каракатица

- Lobster (Лангоста) - Омар

- Navaja (Navajo) - Marine stalk

- Mejillones (Mehiyones) - Mussels

- Clams (Альмэхас) - Ракушки

- Pulpo (pulp) - Octopus

- Calamar (Cruzeiro) - Squid

- Gambas (Gambas) - Shrimp

- Cangrejo (Kangreho) - Crab

- Scallops (Вьейрас) - Гребешок

- Sea Urchin (Эрисо дэ мар) - Морской ёж

- Barnacles (Пэрсебес) - Морская уточка

Pescado (Peskado) - the fish:

- Rape (Rape) - Monkfish

- Turbot (Родабайо) - Палтус

- Finishing - Finishing

- Lenguado (Lenguado) - Sole

- Swordfish (Пэс Эспада) - Рыба Меч

- Lubina (Lubin) - Sea Pike

- Merluza (merlus) - Hek

– Boquerón (Бокерон) – Анчоус

- Atún (Atun) - Tuna

- Salmón (Salmon) - Salmon


Eating seafood in Barcelona on the map

Ресторан United Alta

Ресторан United Alta

One of the most magnificent views of the Barcelona opens from the top floor of the tower Edificio Colón, in two steps from the Columbus monument. On 24 and 23 floors of the building there are two places with the same name - Marea Baja bar and seafood restaurant Marea Alta.
Oysters in Joel's Oyster Bar

Oysters in Joel's Oyster Bar

The best oysters in Barcelona, ​​you will find at La Boqueria market in the bar Joel's Oyster Bar. Besides oysters on the menu has a king crab, beehive, sashimi tuna, ceviche and shrimp. We recommend to order a dozen oysters and a bottle of cava brut natur.
Ресторан The Winch 1769

Ресторан The Winch 1769

The Born quarter opened in every respect excellent restaurant El Chigre 1769, where delicious oysters, seven kinds of vermouth, beautiful interior,…

Ресторан Pattern

Ресторан Pattern

Patrón elegant restaurant in Barcelona's Upper East Side - Sant Gervasi district - the perfect place for a delicious breakfast, secular dinner, Elegant dinner ...

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