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To describe places Collage of the word "bar" is not enough, because it is much more, than a typical Barcelona a drinking establishment. Officially, it is a cozy two-story space includes a cocktail bar, club for socializing and art gallery.

If you would like to sincerely evening, let the gloom of the place you absorb an indefinite amount of time. You seem to get into a club for gentlemen 50s, which does not happen too loud, people quietly communicate, It sounds tasteful music, and, best of, collage professionally correct mix cocktails.

We advise to sit at the bar and enjoy the process of creating alcoholic art, enjoy impeccable pitch and evaluate taste the subtleties of each drink. In addition to the classic menu of options like, eg, Dry Martini, gin Fiz, Cosmopolitan, Spritz или Bloody Mary, There are many variations of copyright. Let bartenders surprise yourself unusual cocktails Strawberry-Basil Sour or Josephine Collins with the addition of strawberry and passion fruit. Besides long drink, who are here 7 €, collage large variety of creative shots, including Sauza Gold tequila with lime and salt cucumber slices. Fans also will find mezcal cocktails or shots to his liking.

From appetizers we recommend the cheese fondue, truffles from goat cheese with sun-dried tomatoes and ceviche with mango.

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Average check: €€
Address: street Board, 4
Metro station: Jaume I, Barceloneta
Phone: +34 931 793 785
Working hours:

Every night from 19-00 to 2-30 night

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