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One of the rare and valuable institutions in Barcelona, ​​which has remained the soul. Marble round tables, antique mirrors, walls covered with yellow coating due to tobacco smoke, dusty bottles, the dim light of the chandeliers of the Victorian era - all Marsella, one of the oldest bars in Barcelona, ​​where night revelers come to drink absinthe.

Opened in 1820 year, Marsella bar every night is filled with the most colorful audience: students of Erasmus program, tourists, representatives of Barcelona's bohemian and adventurers.

If this places the walls could talk, they would tell us a lot of amazing stories. The intoxicating charm of the green spirit that inspired a whole generation of artists and writers, Lorca, Picasso and Dali, is in the air. Hemingway also was known as a regular visitor to the bar.

Marsella has strengthened its status as a cult place and became the obligatory point of any tourist guide, after Woody Allen shot a scene here the film "Vicky Cristina Barcelona".

Specialty institutions - absinthe, it's hard to believe that many visitors to the bar and really like the sharp taste and aroma, but its preparation ritual is very fascinating. Absinthe is called "la fée verte", which translates from French as "the green fairy". This characteristic of absinthe as a drink, having a hallucinogenic effect, and made it popular among artists 19 century. Currently absinthe banned in many countries around the world.

absinthe + sugar + a bottle of water for the preparation of cost 5 €. If you are brave you drank more than two glasses of this potion, be very careful on the exit of the places and watch your things - this part of town is not the safest in Barcelona. In the morning, after a visit to Marseille is very vague memories, ask your friends to tell you what ended the night. Did you have time to make friends with a bunch of new people or even fall in love, because the magic of absinthe brings people together no joke.

Lovermut Vermouth Bar Marsella Barcelona
Average check: €€
Address: Sant Pau, 65
Metro station: Liceu
Working hours: Seven days per week 21-00 to 2-30 a.m..
Tip: 1 absinthe is 5 €

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