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If you plan to buy property in Spain, Company Happy in Spain offers the following services:

- Property Search Contact us property. Apartments, at home, villas, the entire building, commercial premises for business and land. We have access to a number of banking houses throughout Spain, which cost an order of magnitude lower than those, that you will find on the website.

In Barcelona we offer apartments cost from 1500 € per square meter in the city. You can buy an apartment in Barcelona for repairs on 70 thousand euros. We do not object, which are located in disadvantaged areas.

You will not find our options on other sites, because we own the exclusive rights to sell all our properties.

- Support and professional advice at all stages of the buying process. alien registration of NIE numbers, mortgage inquiry and organization of the sale at the notary.

- Help in choosing sites for investment. According to recent reports Spain has increased its attractiveness for investment in real estate market. At the moment, the country is on the sixth place, close to the markets of countries such property, France, Hong Kong, Canada, China and Italy. If your job is to invest funds to obtain a monthly income, Spanish property market is ideally suited for this. In our database there are also apartments with tourist license for the, who want to engage in short-term rental for tourists.

- The formula of "buy-renovate-sell". You invest in the purchase and renovation of apartments, after which we will rent it or resell, ensuring a good return.

Send your questions to the address or call +34 675 323 976

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Send your questions to the address

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