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The Michelin restaurant guide consists of the best restaurants in the world. The mention of the restaurant in the directory - it is an indication of the high quality of its cuisine. If a restaurant has one Michelin star - it is a very serious award. Two Star - Dishes can already be considered as a work of art. Star has a restaurant with author's cuisine's greatest, often hereditary chefs - geniuses in their field.

Michelin stars are awarded every year. Razdaûtsâ very expensive. And easy to remove. During the year, are not known to anyone traveling gourmets and experts appreciate restaurants. But the interior, not servicing, no price and not its relation to quality, not the atmosphere - namely kitchen. Therefore, the main person in the restaurant - this chef. That depends on it, Michelin will celebrate the institution or not their attention.

Experts of the Red Guide - so called Michelin restaurant guide - coming incognito, without warning, a report on his visit after, when everything happened. Possible follow-up visits. And under the supervision of the applicants are not only the stars, but also, naturally, they, who already have a star. The thing is, that no restaurant can not get a star forever. But it can quickly lose its, if the kitchen is no longer match the status.

Chef, leaving the restaurant, Michelin star can carry with you - that is, to move in that restaurant, which will now work.

Spain has long been a cult food reigns, almost every corner there is a restaurant, where delicious cooking. But between "tasty" and "divinely tasty" huge difference, so we have prepared for you a list of the best, The "star" of Barcelona restaurants. Everywhere you need to book in advance. Please contact Happy in Spain, we will help you arrange a visit to any of the establishments.

Michelin Restaurants in Barcelona on the map

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