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If you want cheap seafood in large quantities - restaurant La Paradeta ideal place. Here the whole counters svezheotlovlennyh underwater inhabitants, of which you will have to choose one, in what quantity and type you want to see for their supper.

Your lunch or dinner will consist of mussels, crabs, fried octopus, karakatits, oysters, shrimp with a variety of sauces, crisp bread and white wine. Eat to satiety is possible for 20 € per person. true, if you do not like fried seafood, and you prefer a more refined methods for their preparation, this place is hardly suits you. The stall это столовая, serving marine reptiles at cheap prices, and not a luxury restaurant.

In La Paradeta is best to come to the opening, even for minutes 15 next to him, to take place. Otherwise there is a risk to stand at the door for about an hour waiting for a free table, which are, Unfortunately, You can not be ordered in advance. On the cheap seafood come running crowds. by the way, for a successful visit to this place, you have to learn the numbers in Spanish. Number of your order utter a few times in the vernacular, and if did not decipher, may repeat in English. Come with your Clyster-room to the window and take away the plates with your order. There self-service, cook, not all at once, so approaches in the window will be a few.

La Paradeta - a whole chain of restaurants, they are open in almost every area of ​​Barcelona, the most popular of which is located in Borne.

Addresses in Barcelona:

Carrer Comercial, 7 (Метро Jaume, район Born)

Pasaje Simo, 18 (Около храма Sagrada Familia)

Carrer de Riego, 27 (Метро Saints)

Pacific street, 74 (Метро Fabra i Puig)

The restaurant is in the town of Sitges - Calle San Pedro, 24

Average check: €€
Address: Commercial, 7; Pasaje Simo, 18; Carrer de Riego, 27; C / Pacific 74
Metro station: Jaume I, sacred Family, Sants Station, Fabra i Puig
Working hours:

From Tuesday to Thursday 13: 00 to 16: 00 and 20: 00 to 23:30. On Friday and Saturday 13: 00 to 16: 00 and 20: 00 to 00:00.
Sunday: 13: 00 to 16:00.


Payment only in cash

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