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Area Sagrada Familia is a very nice and quiet part of Barcelona, where live mainly locals, elderly people and families. Of course, around himself Temple Gaudí the constant bustle, from morning to night buses unloaded here crowds of tourists, but it is necessary to move a couple of blocks from the epicenter, you will find yourself in a typical residential area of ​​Barcelona, where for every three houses several open bars, restaurants and supermarkets.

Sagrada Familia is part of the district of Eixample Dreta (right side of the Eixample), one of the main streets of the area is a boulevard Avenida Gaudi, that connects with the modernist Sagrada Familia Hospital Sant Pau.

Initially, the site of the area were only agricultural land, but in the XIX century, it began to build factories and due to such a rapid industrialization began and residential development area.

Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Construction of the Cathedral of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona has been going on almost 140 years. It began construction in 1882, when Gaudi was 30 years and he was full of ambition and energy. In the end, he gave up the project 40 years of his life, and not having time to finish building. When asked about the timing of the construction of Gaudi replied calmly: "My client is in no hurry".
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