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Barcelona is famous for its urban beaches, in the city itself, you can safely swim and sunbathe, but someone confuses many people are not satisfied, or purity of the water. In this case, take the commuter train to the Plaza Catalunya and within half an hour you will find yourself on the beaches of very different levels.

If you are not in a hurry, should ride on the train «Renfe» hour and get off at San Pol de Mar, next to it is one of the most beautiful beaches among blizlezhayshih to Barcelona. The town of Sant Pol de Mar is a typical Catalan village by the sea, very neat and pretty. This seaside town is in 50 km from Barcelona.

Trains from Plaza Catalunya go in this direction every half hour from 6 a.m. to 22-00. The exact schedule can be viewed here. You will need to take the train, который идет до станции или Blanes-Maçanet Massanes.

To get to the beach, referred to, have a stroll after leaving the train minutes 15-20 along the highway in the direction of France, ie in the direction of the train, where you come. Cprava from you is the sea and the railway. Then you will see a small rock in the form of the island, which usually resting flocks of cormorants mileyshih, once again before that island is a cozy beach with clear turquoise waters, and to his left behind a rock for fans to sunbathe naked is located nudist beach. And to the left from the nudist have a massive wide beach, where there is usually a rest local families with children. Choose any and enjoy!

On the beach near the islands and in the family run restaurant "chiringuito", but the kitchen there is not much. To conserve better to prepare sandwiches, refreshments, beverages and arrange peak nick on the beach. But if you decide to dine in the restaurant, We advise the institution in the field of San, called bathrooms Lluis. This is a restaurant with excellent sea food right on the beach, where you can enjoy sea views, tasting local paella with seafood, all kinds of snacks and the freshest fish. Try the rice in broth with lobster or black with squid ink. The average bill for two about 70 € with wine. There are set lunch for 14 €. The restaurant is open seven days a week, dinner with 13-00 to 17-00.

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Working hours: Trains run from the beach 6 in the morning. Back to the last 22-00. In the high season is better to come here during the week.

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