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On the second floor of the legendary restaurant Rias de Galicia, famous for its gourmet cuisine sea, открылось заведение Space Kru, which specializes in raw fish and shellfish without heat treatment.

Chef Ever Cubilla offers Espai Kru taste the different types of tar Tarov, carpaccio and ceviche. In detail Recommended tar tar IZ Sea Commercial ezha with avocado and lobster tar tar IZ, which literally melts in your mouth. The maximum tender texture and aerial refueling, which do not spoil the taste of seafood. Continue to enjoy, Try an oyster ponzu sauce with red caviar, Sashimi of different species of fish and octopus carpaccio. If you acquired a taste and want to continue tasting, Do not leave without attention and scallop cuttings Navajas. Of the wines we recommend light white Albarino El Jardín de Lucía.

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The Espai Kru also prepare hot meals. If you are tired of eating raw fish, It can be ordered fried stingray, rice with gorgonzola and seasonal mushrooms or Lobster on the grill. The appearance of all dishes will delight avid instagramschikov.

If you consider yourself a foodie, which is ready for experiments, be sure to visit this restaurant. And do not miss the desserts, eg, Chinese mushrooms or mini pumpkins, it's a miracle.

The average bill per person is 50 €

Average check: €€€
Address: Lleida Street, 7
Metro station: Poble Sec
Phone: +34 933 300 303
Working hours: From Tuesday to Saturday 13-30 to 16-00, in the evening from 20-00 to 23-30. On Sunday 13-30 to 16-00.
Tip: Better to book a table at least for a couple of days.

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