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The straight-line layout of the Eixample district was first applied in Barcelona and still is one of its attractions. The right side of the Eixample is much quieter and more family than his left side, where families live and the typical middle-class, and the proximity to the sea and the center of the city make this a very comfortable life.

The main attraction of the right Eixample is the most famous works of Antoni Gaudi - Sagrada Familia, or the Spanish Sagrada Familia. Be sure to buy tickets over the Internet, not to stand in the queue, and choose a sunny day for a visit, stunning stained glass windows inside the church.

Besides the Sagrada Familia in the area is Arc de Triomphe, which served as the main entrance to the World Expo 1888 year, from it you can on the beautiful and spacious boulevard to get to the Citadel Park.

Бар Boca Chica

Бар Boca Chica

This exclusive cocktail bar is in the restaurant Boca Grande, in a trendy lane Concepcion in the upper part of Barcelona. It works ...

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