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Maximum hipster place that many people like to criticize, but the hand is not raised. Because, even if you do not like hipsters, is to recognize that the burgers are incredibly delicious. On average, one such masterpiece will cost 7 €, it is twice as expensive than the regular bar, but believe me, it's worth it. It's not just a burger, it's a dream gourmet.

The procedure of the order is as follows: first, by the need to fill in the form, tick the type of bread, choose a burger and, if desired, add potatoes. Then at the checkout to give a leaflet, separately order a drink, pay and get a chip in the form of a hockey puck that erotic vibrates when your order is ready. You can wait for the order on the street to smoke near the entrance to the bar.

We recommend to try the burgers Swiza, Australiana and Catalana. There is a vegetarian option with tofu and pickled mushrooms with red pepper sauce. By the way, all the sauces are homemade and the ingredients they hold in strict confidence. Meat used better quality and fried on a grill. The slogan of the institution - "only the best ingredients".

On weekends and in the evening dinner is not crowded, better to come during the week or at the very dining dinner time. If the inside will be a lot of people ask for take away and enjoy a burger while lying on the grass in the park Ciutadella. From Kiosko before it is very easy to reach. As soon as you leave the restaurant, go to the left and will not displace. You will find yourself in the park across the 5 minutes.

Average check: €€
Address: Avenida del Marques de Argentera, 1
Metro station: Barceloneta
Working hours: Kiosko open every day from 13-00 day until 1 night

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