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Maoz - is an Israeli chain of vegetarian falafelnyh, branches which open worldwide. Excellent choice, to have a snack healthy and wholesome food, even at night, Maoz works to the benefit of 2-30. Vegetable falafel with various fillings costs only 5 €.

Meet option salad «ensalada», where you put grilled vegetable meatballs falafel, hummus and salad leaves in a plastic container and you are to your liking it complements the flavors plenty of time. To choose from a variety of vegetables, a couple of salads, Sun-dried tomatoes, Champignon, fried cauliflower, hot pepper and olives. Do not be shy, here you can put toppings on a few times, to eat heartily. Do not forget to season sauces Falafel, standing on top of the rack. In addition you can also order fries.

Besides, Maoz - a world expert in the classic falafel in bread. Vegetable meatballs are placed in a cake-Pete, in which you can also add hummus, but it is much more convenient salad, because, if properly filled pitta fillings, it will be difficult to be placed in the mouth, and filling scatter in different directions. But for fans of this variant of bread, of course, interesting.

Average check:
Address: Ferran, 13
Metro station: Liceu
Phone: +34 678 604 946
Working hours: From 11 a.m. to 230 a.m.

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