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The cozy bar Santa Marta near the beach of Barceloneta serves one of the best sangria in town, spritz on the original Venetian recipes and refreshing Clara - a mixture of beer and lemonade. And here the excellent guacamole with nachos, tasty sandwiches with mozzarella and arugula and a variety of marine snacks. In Santa Marta large terrace, so that in spite of the all-season workload Barceloneta place here there is always.

Santa Marta - bar with Italian-Argentine roots. As with any beachfront chiringuito, is a wonderful view of the sea and the beach, but reasonable prices and really good food and drinks. A jug of sangria - 15 €, and such, which would advise the Spaniards. Venetian spritz is prepared according to traditional recipes with Aperol or Campari and popular in Barcelona Clara - to the lemonade, instead of the usual lemon Fanta. A snack or a plate of guacamole take small buterbrodikov with Italian cheeses. Great place for a light lunch after going to the beach.

Average check: €€
Address: Street Grau i Torras, 59
Metro station: Barceloneta
Working hours: The bar is open every day from 9 a.m. to 12 night

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