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heard, that paella is the most signature dish in Spain? The Kaiku restaurant offers a very tasty paella, but do not deny yourself the pleasure to try other dishes, the chef of this restaurant is working for the glory. For many locals it's a favorite restaurant.

The main motto of this institution - to offer the best products at the most reasonable prices. One hundred percent sea kitchen on the beachfront. Fish and seafood are available here every day from Barceloneta Market, which is located in 200 meters from the restaurant. The traditional recipes are always adding its own flavor, with the aim to surprise their customers.

FROM 2009 Kaiku, the country has its own vegetable garden, where they grow vegetables for the restaurant. Desserts are also preparing his own. If you get stuck in a long menu, Ask for recommendations from the waiter, he will tell, what dishes especially failed today.

On the terrace on a sunny day is hard to find a free table, but inside it is also very pleasant atmosphere. Elegant dishes and original recipes, each dish is long in the memory. The average bill - 30 € per person

IMG 4404
Average check: €€€
Address: Plaza del Mar, 1
Metro station: Barceloneta
Phone: +34 93 221 90 82
Tip: It is advisable to book a table in advance

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