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Do not find a better place than the beautiful park in the city to spend their free time for the benefit of body and soul, without prejudice to the purse. If you live or relaxing in the Catalan capital, and you suddenly had a free time, go to discover these paradises. In Barcelona, ​​about 70 gardens, thematic, historical and just urban and forest parks, as well as countless parks. The cleanliness and grooming of these spaces are always on top, the locals love and cherish their city, no one would never retain uncollected garbage or something to break.

Very nice and popular park is Barcelona Ciutadella Park (Parc de la Ciutadella). It is next to the Born quarter, close to the metro Arc de Triomph. If you go down the avenue from the Arc de Triomphe down, then you come to the main entrance to the park.

Park of the Citadel - is, first of all, a symbol of freedom. The story goes that at the beginning of the XVIII century, after the suppression of the rebellion of another Spanish troops and to avoid later, on this very spot grew powerful walls of the citadel, which was supposed to instill fear and keep the rebellious inhabitants of Barcelona under control. More than a century fortress depressing hung over freedom-loving town. Only towards the end of the XIX century the Catalans a chance to get rid of this terrible incarnation of the occupation regime and turn it into a blooming park.

The Ciutadella park is very green, a central fountain, a cascade is striking in its pomp, groomed trails and beckon to walk on them. Here you can ride on a boat on the picturesque lake, feed the ducks, play table tennis, by the way, in Barcelona's parks are allowed to lie directly on the lawn, bring a book, something delicious, relax in the shade of trees or soak up the sun, disconnect from all problems, believe me, such a luxury is priceless in the heart of the city. It often hosts free classes in yoga, tai chi, capoeira, the atmosphere is always a very relaxed, it is one of the most beloved parks locals.

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Address: pg. Picasso, 1
Metro station: Arс TRIOMPH, Barceloneta, Ciutadella Vila Olimpica
Working hours: The park is open from 10 morning until nightfall

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