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Ciutadella Park - is, first of all, the Catalan symbol of freedom, as well as one of the most beautiful and popular parks in Barcelona. After the surrender of Barcelona in 1714 , during the War of the Spanish Succession, by order of the Bourbon King Felipe V of the quarter of La Ribera (the so-called before the current quarter, Born) was destroyed, it was demolished in total 38 and about a thousand homes to their place to build a military citadel, which was supposed to instill fear and keep the rebellious inhabitants of Barcelona under control.

More than a century fortress depressing hung over freedom-loving town. Only towards the end of the XIX century the Catalans a chance to get rid of this terrible incarnation of the occupation regime and turn it into a blooming park.

The Ciutadella park is very green, a central fountain, a cascade is striking in its pomp, groomed trails and beckon to walk on them. Here you can ride on a boat on the picturesque lake, feed the ducks, play table tennis, by the way, in Barcelona's parks are allowed to lie directly on the lawn, bring a book, something delicious, relax in the shade of trees or soak up the sun, disconnect from all problems, believe me, such a luxury is priceless in the heart of the city. It often hosts free classes in yoga, tai chi, capoeira, the atmosphere is always a very relaxed, it is one of the most beloved parks locals.

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Address: Passeig Picasso, 1
Metro station: Arс de Triomph
Working hours:

The park is open from 10 morning until nightfall

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