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Bike Tours is the original routes, that improve mood, well-acquainted with the city and helps to be in shape. biking tour passes, accompanied by English-speaking guide, which not only take care of you, but interesting talk about Barcelona and its attractions. The duration of the bicycle tour around 3-4 o'clock.

"From Gothic to modernism"

Beautiful bicycle tour for history buffs, culture and art. The route starts with a walk through the oldest part of the city, where you will learn about, many centuries ago, which was Barcelona. You will see the earliest construction, miraculously surviving, visit the Gothic Quarter and the main cathedral, and then we get lost in the maze of narrow streets and small squares, where time seems to stop. Gothic Quarter - the oldest district of Barcelona, built around 13-15 ages, views that can be enjoyed endlessly. Further along the route should be familiar with the main monuments of modernism: the unique creations of Gaudi - you will visit the Cathedral of the Holy Family (La Sagrada Familia), as well as La Pedrera house and Batlló.


The most refreshing tour. Enjoy the sea views of Barcelona, Breathe in the fresh salty air, relax to the sound of the surf, feel the atmosphere of freedom-loving gay beaches. There is always a lot of colorful characters, large companies or alone people rest and relax near the sea, completely breaking away from routine. This bicycle tour covers four kilometers of the local beaches. The route has its origins in the old port city (Port Vell), It passes through the Barceloneta, historic and very picturesque quarter, once inhabited by fishermen and sailors, followed by a visit to the Olympic Port, built for the Olympics 1992, and at the end walks awaits Forum, unusual space with a cutting-edge architecture, where is the new exhibition center, Parking for luxury yachts and other interesting buildings.

"Magic Mountain MONTJUIC»

Montjuic is often called "The Magic Mountain". This is a wonderful place with wonderful nature, the largest city park in Europe, where you can have a great time, I see a lot of interesting, including photographed against the backdrop of the most magnificent panoramic views of Barcelona. Across, famous for its theaters and cabarets, Avenue parallels we reach the Plaza de España (Plaza España), where you will enjoy a magnificent view of singing fountains and the Museum of Catalan Art MNAC. Further along the route the Olympic Stadium, Sant Jordi Palace and optional visit to the Miro Foundation (Fundación Joan Miró).


The combination of conflicting desires to eat and not gain weight finally became possible. From a traditional bar to another, skillfully combining sports with gluttony, you try the most popular in Catalonia tapas, taste the local wines, as well as get acquainted with cuisines of other regions of Spain. for example, you should look at a typical tavern galissiyskuyu, their recipe for octopus is considered the best in the country, or you can pay a visit to the famous Basque "pintxos" - tiny canapes on skewers, works of art. If you prefer meat or seafood on the contrary a vegetarian, do not worry, we take into account these items, and you'll have a walk to taste.

This is only a small part of our proposals, we can also organize cycling «A LA CARTA», completely based on your preferences and desires.

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