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Barcelona the most convenient to use a bicycle. A huge network of bicycle paths makes it comfortable and environmentally friendly travel around the city, so we have matured a perfect plan! Our bike tours invigorate, improve mood, dynamic and fun to explore the city.

During the bike riding tour guide not only take care of you, but interesting talk about Barcelona and its attractions. We have developed the perfect circular route, which starts near the square Plaza Catalunya, where we move along the Rambla towards the beach. In the picturesque fishing district of Barceloneta we make a pit stop at a local tavern on the vermouth and tapas. Next we move to the side of the Citadel Park, and at the end walks visit the Arc de Triomphe, Sagrada Familia and the two Gaudi houses. It's the perfect way to see the major creations of the great architects of Barcelona and other beauty for a few hours in the active, but it is not too tedious rhythm.

COST: The duration of the bicycle tour 3 o'clock. cost - 100 euros for a group of up to 4 guests. Bicycles are not included (in 10 euros each).

Friends Of Friends Carolina Iriarte 024 930×620
Address: Plaza Catalunya
Phone: +34675323976
Working hours:

Start the tour is agreed in advance

cost: 100 €

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