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If you're hungry like a wolf, You want to eat all at once, and then sit, think and even to eat, and even that was tasty and inexpensive, then your option - it is a restaurant WOK (Chinese Buffet). In the case of Yamamoto, it is rather the Japanese. Free buffet, in our "buffet", is here 15 €, paying that you can gain a full plate of goodies and do any number of approaches to the closing of the restaurant. But do not forget, that usually work places only during lunch and dinner 1230 a.m. to 16: 00 and 20: 00 to 00:00. Beverage, by the way, will have to pay separately.

In Yamamoto choice of dishes is huge: from traditional Japanese sushi, rolls and soups to Chinese lashpi, meat, the freshest seafood (even the oysters!) and a wide variety of salads. You can take a ready-made dishes, and choose the all, you see the raw, put on a plate and give into the hands of the Chinese clever, which is a few minutes fry it all on the grill. Real jam! And if you still have room, be sure to try the desserts or ice cream here - they are simply stunning!

Average check: €€
Address: Aragon, 197
Metro station: Universitat
Working hours: The restaurant is open daily from 1230 a.m. to 16: 00 and 20: 00 to 00:00

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