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Casa Mila (1906-1910) - the last secular work of Gaudí. Having finished this order for the Mila family, Architect completely given to the work on the cathedral Sagrada Familia, realizing the scale of the project and the impossibility of being distracted by other objects.

Casa Mila - a unique structure, the work on which Gaudi architecture significantly ahead of its time. The house has no bearing and retaining walls. All floors are supported by columns. Partitions in apartments can freely move, changing the layout to your liking or need. Besides, Gaudí thought out system of internal ventilation and lighting, allowing you to spend less electricity. This is the first house in the world's history with an underground garage, because it is at that time the richest Catalonian families appeared private cars.

This house is unlike Casa Batllo It caused an extremely negative reaction from local residents, they immediately gave the house the nickname La Pedrera - «quarry» and stopped to greet customers family. A lovely family itself did not even settle in the house, passing it out and deciding, it spoils the beauty of Barcelona's most fashionable avenue. The reason - strange for that time, too cumbersome unusual home design. but, already in 1984 in upper Raval, Casa Mila is the first construction of the twentieth century, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. And today is one of the most famous sights of Barcelona.

When visiting be sure to check out the house basement. Designed originally for washing and hanging laundry room is the most interesting design solution Gaudi. Attic is based on 270 arches in the shape of a catenary, built of flat bricks. There is also a museum, devoted to the works of Gaudi. One of the third floor of the apartment allows to travel back in time and feel the atmosphere of the Barcelona bourgeoisie of the XX century, masterfully reproduced using household utensils that era. In addition, you will have the opportunity to climb to the roof terrace and admire the unique architectural ensemble, where chimneys resemble extraterrestrial wonders of creation. In the summer on the terrace of La Pedrera are jazz concerts.

Address: Passeig de Gracia, 92
Metro station: Diagonal
Working hours:

The house is open to visitors daily from 10: 00 to 20:00

entrance fee: 16 €, students - 15 € and children under 12 years - 8 € €

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