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Look stylish place with great coffee in Barcelona, where it is possible for a couple or three hours to hang with a laptop? Not far from the Arc de Triomphe opened a new hipster mecca,, Three Marks coffee shop with an industrial interior, where you are waiting for three of the same name, handsome bearded man with rolled up pants and, of course, Gorgeous coffee machine La Marzocco. After, the guys have gained experience in the legendary coffee house Nomad, it was decided to open their own restaurant to the delight of all the coffee maniacs Barcelona.

Park the fix at the entrance, occupy a table near a huge window in the floor, and choose between a flat white in a cup made of bamboo, Cold Bru Rwanda or espresso or Guatemala from Ethiopian grain local roasting. This is not a complete list of local delights, because when the coffee shop opens one hipster barista is already well, and triple the amount it is real coffee extravaganza. In addition to coffee in the menu presents other hipster joy, how match, kombucha, sandwiches with turkey and baking of whole wheat.

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Average check: €€
Address: Ausias Marc, 151
Metro station: Marina, Monumental
Phone: +34 626 590 899
Working hours:

From Monday to Friday 8-30 to 18-00, Saturday and Sunday 10-00 to 19-00

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