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This exclusive cocktail bar is in the restaurant Boca Grande, in a trendy lane Concepcion in the upper part of Barcelona. It employs the famous master of cocktails Sergio Padilla - a national finalist Diageo World Class, his creations are full of wit and originality. You can also enjoy classic drinks, eg, gin and tonics Boka Čiki, which have already gone down in history.

Here come the men in elegant shirt with cufflinks and women in dresses and heels, so do not try to get in Boca Chiku sneakers, flip-flops or shorts, You definitely will not be allowed. This place is like the, He felt like a VIP person and loves to be surrounded by glamorous people. However, some complain about the rude attitude of the staff and the inability to get to the terrace at the weekend, because the players Barca there is a rest. But there is a chance to get a reversal of the high life magazine, especially if you come in the arms of two photo models.

If you do not pursue fame and did not dream of photographs with Messi, come here to drink from Monday to Thursday, It will be much calmer and glamorous without fuss.

The most interesting part of this bar is waiting for you in the toilets. We will not tell, let it be a surprise!

Near the bar Boca Chica Boca Grande's restaurant. There is excellent galissiyskie cooked seafood and the freshest fish. The average bill per person is 45 €. We advise to book a table in advance. Cocktails in the bars of Boca Chica 15 €

Average check: €€€€
Address: Passage of Conception, 12
Metro station: Diagonal
Phone: +34 93 467 51 49
Working hours: Every day, the bar is open from 18-00 to 2-30 night, and restaurant 13-00 to midnight

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