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Arc de Triomphe Barcelona differs from its "sisters" in Paris and Moscow, it is made of red brick and is not on the roadway, and the pedestrian boulevard, which leads straight to the Citadel park. A place, where stands the Arch, It is the boundary of the Old and New Barcelona. It is located on top of the Eixample district, and medieval Barcelona is below, Right from the park.

At the top of the Arc de Triomphe you can see the Spanish coat of arms, a lower, on the arcs building facades placed the emblems of all the provinces of the state. This arch has no military implication, it was built for the World Exhibition 1888 year and it is the main entry of exhibits. By the way the Eiffel Tower, Paris's main attractions and a symbol of French culture had originally planned to set in Barcelona for the World Exhibition, but the local people, this idea was not to the liking.

For the Barcelona World Exhibition highlight, underlining its emergence as an industrial and cultural center of Spain. for the previous 150 years the city has made a rapid leap from the Middle Ages to the modern progressive society with a developed industry, extensive international connections and active trade. During this period, its population has increased almost 10 time. The main city of Catalonia with its cozy old streets, straight and wide avenues and modern ring picturesque boulevards on the site of the old fortress walls became the center of arts and architecture, national pride of the Catalans.

electric lighting was organized to the organization of the exhibition in some streets. The organizers would thereby demonstrate, the city moved from the Middle Ages, It is being modernized and poured into a pan-European flow of life.

The exhibition was attended by more than 12 thousand. companies and organizations from 27 stran.Samymi popular with the public were the United States of exposure, China and Japan. Exhibits from Europe and Latin America competed with numerous objects, presented by Spain, to use its dominant position over the past decades in the Caribbean, Africa and the Far East.

Among the paintings were a great success Hieronymus Bosch, of music concerts struck the French and trends in photographic methods. During the Congress of archaeologists have been the World Exhibition in Barcelona, economists, doctors and for the first time 8 by 11 September International meeting spiritualists. Representatives of spiritualism had planned to demonstrate its scientific sessions. In the harbor of Barcelona were many foreign naval ships.

It was visited by more than 2 million visitors. Proceeds from the sale of tickets exceeded 1,7 million dollars. She showed the world how a modern Barcelona, rapidly growing European city, which is dominated by a new class of bourgeoisie, determine the direction of its development for decades to come. The exhibition helped revive the economy of Catalonia. The subject of special pride of the Catalans became the, that such a prestigious event, as the World Exhibition, held in Barcelona earlier, than in the nation's capital - Madrid.

Exhibition 1888 g. increased the prestige of the city, who later became one of the world's centers of business and exhibition venue for many important world events, including another World's Fair in 1929 g. and the Olympic Games 1992 g. From the foregoing it can be summed up, that the Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona marks the triumph of art, scientific and economic progress of the city.

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