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This classic restaurant has been famous for its rice dishes. There are many types of cooked paella, try who come from different parts of the city. «Mar y montaña» or «paella mixta» - it is quite popular type of paella, in which the present and seafood, and meat. Paella with seafood only - it «paella de marisco». «Paella de pollo y conejo» - with chicken and rabbit. Try the black rice «arroz negro», very tasty option with squid ink. Or rice in broth, the so-called «arroz caldoso», which resembles a rich soup with rice and seafood.

The restaurant itself is not different in style and luxury, the place is pretty close, frills design do not wait. These locals eat heartily, usually whole families, service is fast and efficient. Wash down paella red wine or sangria.

You can order a paella for one person, in two or more. Changing only the size of the pans and, of course, cost of. paella cost is usually indicated with the expectation of one person. If you do not want rice, make another typical Spanish dish «fideua», it's the same paella, Only used instead of rice noodles. Many fideuà like much more, than paella, especially children.

Average check: €€
Address: Valencia Street, 360
Metro station: sacred Family, Monumental, Verdaguer
Phone: +34 934 583 418
Working hours: From Tuesday to Saturday 13-00 to 16-00, in the evening from 20-30 to 23-30. On Sunday before s13-00 16-00.
Tip: We recommend to book a table in advance by calling

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