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Brasería El Glop - typically katalonskiy restaurant, specializing in grilled. There is always plenty to choose from: a variety of dishes from fish and meat, seafood, seasonal vegetables and soups. On weekdays, you can dine nourishing complex lunch "menu del dia" for 10,70 €. True to the quality of the guarantor - in El Glop is always a lot of local, Although this restaurant is just a few steps away from Plaza Catalunya packed with tourists.

In Brasería El Glop menu rich variety of traditional Catalan dishes with small patches of international cuisine. Grilled vegetables, meat, a fish, seafood, a variety of salads. A good place, to try paella or Catalan sister of vermicelli "fidegua". To get to know the local cuisine sure to order snails "Caracoles", artichoke, asparagus, salad with baked goat cheese, oxtail, pettitoes, cod with garlic sauce or Grilled Dorado. From November to April traditional fried sheaves kalsots. Individual bonus, we note a great selection of desserts and Catalan wines.

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Average check: €€
Address: Caspe street 21
Metro station: Passeig de Gracia, Urquinaona
Phone: +34 93 318 75 75
Working hours:

The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday 10 the morning until one in the morning.

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