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One of the most beautiful areas of Barcelona is located in the Boulevard of step Rambla in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. It is called Plaza Real, which translates, as the Royal Square. It was named in honor of the Catholic Kings, Ferdinand and Isabella, and looks up to its name. The area was designed in the early 19 century on the site of the burnt monastery. This is one of the few closed areas in Barcelona. Dwelling houses, surrounding area, form a single complex with a portico on the first floor, which gives it a charm and elegant look.

In the center of the square a beautiful fountain of the Three Graces, around him grow royal palms, in the crowns of which parrots scream, imported to Europe by Columbus. In addition to the Plaza Real adorn opposite each other two lanterns, which at first can not pay attention. But do not pass by, But these lights are the first work of the great maestro Antonio Gaudi.

Along the perimeter of the square are many restaurants, bars and several clubs. Good jazz concerts are often held in the club Jamboree. Hangouts advised to drink before the bar Ocaña, and dinner or lunch are best enjoyed seafood restaurant MariscCo.

Depositphotos 48968961 Stock Photo Placa Reial Barcelona Spain
Address: Plaça Reial 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Metro station: Liceu

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