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Bar Ocaña is perhaps one of the most beautiful and atmospheric establishments covering about Barcelona 1200 m2. Restoration of premises lasted eight years, the overall style of "shabby chic" club returns visitors to the refined times «Belle Époque», each of the five spaces pleasantly surprised by its beauty decoration and design. High ceilings, graceful columns, chandeliers and luxurious furniture, the room itself is multi-level, all is worthy of praise. One can see that the designers have worked on glory.

On the ground floor there is a spacious terrace and a restaurant, but if you come in Ocaña not advise to go down to the ground floor for food, but for the music and drinks where the circular bar and an area for dancing among the comfortable sofas and armchairs. On Thursdays there is playing electronic music on Fridays cabaret style with funk, swing and world hits, and on Saturdays longer jazz, soul and hip-hop.

Unfortunately, as is always the case with the most fashionable establishments in Barcelona, ​​at the weekend in Ocañaobychno crowd, the excitement, all the input and even some sort of dress code. This is not allowed in the beach dress, look better minimally elegantly to get inside without any problems. If you want to get into that at all costs - book a table at the restaurant or on the terrace in advance.

The name of the bar gave the famous Spanish painter José Pérez Ocaña, a lover of bright performances, shows and causing orders for which are often found himself in jail. It is often confused with gay gigolo, a transvestite or a drug addict. At that Ocaña said that he was just a theater actor, and the center of Barcelona - its scaffolding. It was he who was in the house, which is now the club, and, before his death, bequeathed his house, asking that it has always been fun and drunk. We can say with certainty that the artist wishes fulfilled one hundred percent.

The bar serves a great selection of cocktails, they are certainly more expensive than the ordinary bars in Barcelona, ​​but also in the order of tasty, original and their own supply of very unusual. Also here you can come for morning refreshment vermouth. The restaurant's cuisine is poor, so it's worth coming here, have supper. And do not pass by the booth for photos, a nice souvenir of the get-together with friends is difficult to come up with.

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Average check: €€€
Address: Real Plaza, 13
Metro station: Liceu, Drassanes
Phone: +34 93 676 48 14
Working hours: FROM 12-00 and up to three o'clock in the morning

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