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Rambla - is not only the tourist streets of Barcelona, but also, perhaps, One of the first words, on a par with Gaudi, Serves the Sagrada Familia, that come to mind when thinking about this city. Ramblas place extremely contradictory, causing a lot of different, not always positive emotions, but anyway, we are all on it sooner or later find ourselves.

Rambla originates in Plaza Catalunya and down to the port of Barcelona. Its length of one kilometer and it is a fairly quick way down to the sea from the city center. true, this is not a beach, to it from the bottom of Rambla stamp even minutes 20. The main disadvantage of this boulevard, of course, crowds of people. Tourists from around the world, Once in Barcelona, They consider it their duty to stroll along Las Ramblas, so if you want to enjoy it, then come here early, until nine in the morning you can walk perfectly without crowding and stress.

In any tourist town need to be careful with things, and works in Barcelona is another unwritten rule - on Las Ramblas, not only take care of their wallets and phones, but the bypass side cafes and restaurants. Most of the institutions on the Rambla has long soured because of the never-ending flow of tourists, prices high, and the quality of food and beverage is poor. The only place on Las Ramblas, where tasty and healthy, this Boqueria market.

If you go down the Ramblas to the sea, then on your left will be the Gothic Quarter, and the case Raval district. Evenings on the Rambla many touts to discos, And you will often have to whisper in his ear, "coffee shop" and offer to buy weed. For more detail, here. Locals Rambla no longer walk, treat it with contempt and intersect in cases of extreme necessity, and what you want.

Address: La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain
Metro station: Catalonia, Liceu, Drassanes

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