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In ancient times the territory of modern Spain lived the world's largest Jewish community. Representatives of the people engaged in crafts, science, medicine, and also served in the royal court. In the XV century Spanish Inquisition beginning of the persecution of the Jews, one after the other followed by massacres and large-scale repression, which forced them to flee the country.

It has been almost 500 years and 1997 the historian-enthusiast Jaume Riera spotted in the center of Barcelona's ancient synagogue. The building was reconstructed several times and dry warehouse, he was able to initiate the archaeological excavations, in which he showed the foundation of the synagogue, dated II century. This suggests that the Barcelona Sinagoga Major oldest synagogue in Europe. Now it is restored and is used mainly as a museum.

According to the rules, facade of this ancient synagogue turned towards Jerusalem, cities, where the Holy Sepulcher. Entering the door, Every visitor of this synagogue bows his head, showing commemoration of the destruction of the Jewish community of Barcelona. Currently, daily prayers are not held in the synagogue. There are guided tours, and also to arrange holidays and meeting local Jewish community. The main value of the synagogue serves as an ancient Torah scroll. The entrance ticket costs 3,5 €.

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Address: Carrer de Marlet, 5, 08002
Metro station: Liceu, Jaume I
Phone: +34 933 17 07 90
Working hours:

Every day except Saturday from 10-30 to 18-30

entrance fee: 3,5 €

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