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Columns of Roman temple, hidden in a narrow alley of the Gothic Quarter, is the oldest monument of the Roman era in Barcelona. The temple, which they owned, was built in honor of the Emperor Augustus, the founder of the Roman Empire. Then, in the I century BC, it was a huge building 17 meters wide and 37 meters in length.

Four Corinthian columns are not far from the Cathedral inside unremarkable Gothic building Catalan tour center, located next to the Plaza San Jaume, a small curved street Paradis. They were built for 100 BC. Originally, these columns belonged to the pagan temple and later became part of the Roman city. The pagan temple was standing on the highest point of the Roman colony Barsino on Mount Taber.

The columns give the impression of its monumentality and the atmosphere of the ancient city. Besides them, also remain part of the architrave and podium.

20 Rincones Del Barri Gotic From Barcelona Mas Edinburgh 2
Address: Paradise Street, 10
Metro station: Jaume I
Working hours: Admission free from Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 19-00

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