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Pintxos - this is one of the most original and exquisite gastronomic events in Spain. Bright creative canapés or sandwiches with a variety of ingredients perfectly satisfy hunger and stimulate appetite one of its kind. These snacks on skewers invented brutal inhabitants of the Basque Country, where you will find a paradise for gourmets. But it is not necessary to go to the North, Barcelona also has restaurants, where the Basques worked and encouraging everyone to its excellent cuisine.

In Orio restaurant is always fresh pintxos on display, but until you get them degustiruete, ask properly pour you a cold cider or white wine Chakoli. Cider need to pour across the room, that the jet has been enriched with oxygen. That's right, this is called "Eskansiar La Sidra".

Do not forget, that after a meal you will count on the number of sticks in your plate. So do not throw away or hide them in the pockets. Take care of karma.

Under the ceiling hangs a restaurant Orio boat rowing on the walls and posters rowing athletes. all because, Orio that this village in the Basque Country, where at one time he was a popular whaling. Rowed with harpoons desperate Basques went hunting. so prokachannom, that now are champions in rowing and cook the most delicious pintxos. Here are the options for vegetarians, many pintxos with fish and seafood. We recommend to try pintxos with artichokes and smoked anchovies, pepper, stuffed with tuna, potato omelette with duck jamon. The restaurant is always available fresh oysters for three euros in addition to the trick and pintxos, put up in the window, waiters hot variations piping heat. A separate menu with hot dishes, including an excellent fish soup.

Large tables are ideal for large groups. There is a terrace outside in a beautiful passage,. Price for one pintxos about two euros.

Orio Gotic Fitxa 1
Address: Carrer de Ferran, 38
Metro station: Liceu
Phone: +34 933 179 407
Working hours:

Every day from 10 a.m. to 00-30

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