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Ресторан Picnic стал знаменитым и любимым среди модной барселонской молодежи не только благодаря космополитичному дизайну в стиле the Federal and Caravelle. Of course, he wins for its location, because there Bourne Bourne. Perhaps now Picnic is one of the most fashionable places for brunch in Barcelona. Fans brunch - you are here! it will be very nice after such a feast to walk on Ciutadella park, in two steps from the restaurant.

Picnic creators talk about their offspring, as a family-run establishment with a touch of the trendy gourmet. Here, a stylish interior, a cozy terrace and a stunning kitchen with a touch of Mexican, Californian, Australian, Chilean and Asian dishes. Советуем попробовать жареные зеленые помидоры, яйца пашот с утиным конфитом или яйца Бенедикт, одни из самых вкусных в Барселоне. На сладкое непременно закажите волшебную домашнюю панна-котту. Cocktails from fresh juices, designed specifically for the removal of a hangover, will also come in handy. Local Bloody Mary in the nicest jars - a real hit places.

At brunch at Picnic come on Saturday and Sunday and during the week you can dine well-integrated business lunch menu. The restaurant has a small outdoor terrace. Prices above average. Подробное меню HERE.

brunch: 11:30 – 17:00

Set lunch: 13:00 – 16:00

Average check: €€
Address: Street Trade 1
Metro station: Arс de Triomph
Working hours:

From Monday to Friday in the afternoon with 13: 00 to 16:00. From Tuesday to Saturday night with 20: 00 to 00:30

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