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Many legends goes around the mysterious mountain of Montserrat. Bizarre shape of mountain slopes involuntarily riveting look. This is where the statue of the Virgin of Montserrat was found in the IX century, also known as the Black Madonna. Near this place was founded a monastery, which is today the spiritual symbol of the Catalans. Thousands of pilgrims from around the world flock to the monastery to venerate the Black Madonna - the keeper of Catalunya. In our 1940 Himmler came here in search of the Holy Grail. They say if you ask about the secret desires and touch the sphere in the hand of the Virgin of Montserrat from the heart, it will be executed in the coming months.

Even if you are absolutely not a religious person, the extraordinary beauty of nature, fresh mountain air, tranquility and serenity of this place will give you peace and get rid of stress. There is really a special energy, tiredness evaporates, I want to walk for hours along the mountain paths around the monastery, absorbing the unique grace of Montserrat.

Translated Montserrat means "cut mountains". And this is one of the most popular female names in Catalonia. The monks gave numerous tops Monserrat funny names: The Mummy, belly Bishop Bernard horse, an elephant's trunk. If you look closely, all the outlines of these figures begin to appear on the stony slopes.

Be sure to visit the Basilica of the Monastery. It is open every day from 7-30 a.m. to 20-00 evening. The first stone of the basilica of Montserrat was founded in 1560 in upper Raval. According to the architectural style of the church building belongs to the transition period between the Gothic and the Renaissance, the interior of the church is very eclectic, and is the work of artists of different eras, but with a predominance of Catalan modernism. There is usually quite crowded, so if you have the opportunity to come here by car, keep in mind that by six o'clock disappear turn to the Virgin of Montserrat, you can go to the temple in the absolute silence and solitude. To 10 am the temple will also be at your personal disposal.

Some of the services in the basilica of Montserrat monastery accompanied by the singing of the famous boys' choir Escolanía. This choir is considered one of the oldest singing academies in Europe and is famous for its high-quality performance of sacred music. The choir sings in the Basilica twice daily. Every weekday 13-00, an enormous crowd of pilgrims and tourists, the boys' Eskolanii "performed in the Basilica of the monastery two chants: Salve and Virolai. In addition, from Sunday to Thursday choristers participated in the evening in 18-45, through which end in 19-10 they executed Salve Montserratina and polyphonic motet. On Sundays and holidays Boys Choir participates in the main mass of the monastery and finally the service, at noon, and takes Salve Virolai. Boys sing under the authority. On Saturdays, the boys do not act.

It will be the right decision to come to Montserrat on a weekday and buy products in advance in Barcelona, ​​to organize one of the mountain meadows with views of a small peak-to-nick, because the cafe in the monastery usually crowded. More organized dining area is located on the observation deck Mirador dels Apòstol, there are benches and tables for your meal. Some foods for peak-nick can be purchased directly at the monastery.

The largest store in the territory of the abbey is La Botiga, where they sell traditional products of this land: honey, liqueurs, jams, chocolate, cheese, pastries, as well as children's toys and a variety of souvenirs. In addition to shops, the walls of the monastery, across from the observation deck Mirador dels Apòstol work trade stalls. Local farmers from the surrounding villages offer in this small market fresh traditional products, including honey, traditional soft goat cheese Mató de Montserrat, bread with figs, wine, meats and other goodies. Sellers often say bad in Russian and allowed to try their wares. These purchases can make a 10 a.m. to 17-00.

Around the monastery many beautiful hiking trails, so come here in comfortable clothes and shoes and head out to explore the local scenery. From the monastery can be reached by train even higher into the mountains, and from there begin to walk.


If desired, we can personally pick you up after lunch from your hotel and go to get acquainted with these wonderful places. This tour will take about 4 hours, trip for a group of 2 to 4 people will cost 150 €.

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Address: Monastery of Montserrat , 08199 Montserrat, Barcelona
Metro station: поезда от метро Spain
Working hours:

Every day from 7-30 a.m. to 20-00


We will pick you up from the hotel at any time you want and go get acquainted with these magical places

cost: 150 €

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