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We are pleased to offer an exciting trip to the countryside of Catalonia forces the main place, mountain and monastery of Montserrat. For almost a thousand years, pilgrims from all over the world come here, to energize this place, take a walk in the mountains, listen to a choir of boys and make a fondest wish of the Black Virgin Mary.

Montserrat is considered to be a magical place, here the stress and sadness disappear, smile never left the face of each and takes away with a light mood and unforgettable experience. We will visit the monastery, We hear angelic singing, touch the shrine, try local farm products, and if desired on the return path in a typical restaurant dine Manor "masia" at the foot, which is prepared according to traditional Catalan recipes.

Even if you are absolutely not a believer, the extraordinary beauty of nature, pure mountain air, serenity and peace of this place will give you peace and get rid of unrest. There really special power, fatigue evaporates, I want to walk for hours along the mountain paths around the monastery, soaking up the unique grace of Montserrat.

We will meet in the center near the Hard Rock Cafe and went to explore these wonderful places. This tour will take about 5 hours, drive to the group of 2 to 4 people will cost 150-200 €.

No title 5671
Address: 08199 Montserrat, Barcelona
Phone: +34675323976
Working hours:

We conduct tours to Montserrat every day. Home in 11 in the morning, We come back around 17-00

cost: 150-200 €

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