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Is it worth it to visit the mountain of Montserrat, arrived in Barcelona? Everyone has it, who visited Montserrat, there is at least a few reasons, To answer this question in the affirmative. Why do thousands of people climb every day on the "magic mountain"? What's so special?

Many legends goes around the mysterious mountains of Montserrat. Bizarre shape of mountain slopes involuntarily riveting look. This is where the statue of the Virgin of Montserrat was found in the IX century, which is also called the Black Madonna. Near this place founded a monastery, are by far the main shrine and the spiritual symbol of the Catalans. Thousands of pilgrims from around the world flock to the monastery, to worship the Black Madonna, Catalans which is affectionately known as La Moreneta, keeper of Catalunya. they say, if from the heart to ask about the secret desires and touch the sphere in the hand of the Virgin of Montserrat, it will be fulfilled in the coming months.

Even if you are absolutely not a believer, the extraordinary beauty of nature, pure mountain air, serenity and peace of this place will give you peace and get rid of stress. There really special power, fatigue evaporates, I want to walk for hours along the mountain paths around the monastery, soaking up the unique grace of Montserrat.

We will come to Montserrat in the morning, to touch the Black Madonna to the flow of tourist buses. In this way, we do not spend time on the long queues and take a walk around the monastery without the tourist crowds. On the way you will learn the most interesting stories and legends of the mountain of Montserrat and tune in to visit this sacred place. After, like we touch the main katalonkoy Shrine, We pray and ask the most cherished, we are waiting for a walk through the area around the monastery, the opportunity to climb even higher in the mountain by cable car and see the monastery with height, as well as familiarity with local farmers and tasting of their products.

Some of the services in the basilica of Montserrat monastery accompanied by the singing of the famous boys' choir Escolanía. This choir is considered one of the oldest singing academies in Europe and is famous for its high-quality performance of sacred music. The choir sings in the Basilica twice daily. Every weekday 13-00, an enormous crowd of pilgrims and tourists, boys' Eskolanii "performed in the Basilica of the monastery two chants: Salve and Virolai. Unfortunately, in the summer season all the tourists consider it their duty to get it on the choir performance, so at this time there are many people unbearable.

COST: Tour to Montserrat takes 5 hours, including road. Tour cost - 200 €.

No title 31
Address: 08199 Montserrat, Barcelona
Phone: +34675323976
Working hours:

We conduct tours to Montserrat every day. Taking you from the hotel early in the morning and go on a journey.

cost: 200 €

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