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Where is the best flamenco show in Barcelona? Compare All Deals, we opted for Tablao de Carmen in the Spanish countryside. Usually entrance to the Poble Espanyol stands 14 €, but if you come to flamenco, then see is a bright space with lots of shops of handmade souvenirs, cafes and beautiful buildings, you can absolutely free. Therefore, we recommend to come in an hour before the show.

Flamenco - a reflection of Spanish culture, bright, passionate, expressive dance, full of drama and emotions. It is a unique art form, hitting their emotional. In flamenco own special language, sotkannıy backwoods, music and movement. This language is used to express the most profound spiritual experiences. In this - the power and charm of flamenco, his magic, unpredictability and uniqueness.

Flamenco Dance - is the soul of motion, Flamenco music - it is a revelation of the heart, and the song of flamenco - is the story of life. Every movement, every gesture - a shade of feeling. Flamenco - a journey inward, sincerity and inner voice. It is difficult to watch and listen to flamenco without empathy. Goose bumps and tears in his eyes. The beauty of the dancers, wonderful music, bright dresses, deep voices, feeling, that's it, real Spain, burlyashtaya the love of nerazdelennoy, jealousy and passion.

Every day takes place in the Spanish Village 2 flamenco show. In our 18-30 and 21-00. Choose, when it suits you.

Also a choice of dining options:

- The show of flamenco with sangria or wine - 43 €.

- Flamenco Show with sangria and tapas - 61 €.

- Flamenco Show with "Carmen" dinner - 80 €.

- Children's menu - 39 €

Dinner with snacks "tapas" (61 €):

- Giant olives

- manchego cheese in olive oil

- Andalusian salad

- Potatoes "Bravas" in a spicy sauce

- Skewers in Andalusian

- oxtail croquettes

- Meat Balls "bombas"

- Iberiyskiy jamon (+7 €)

Dessert: Cream Catalana. Drinks: wine or sangria, mineral water, tea or coffee.

DINNER "Carmen" (80 €):


- Giant olives

- Iberiyskiy jamon

- Cheese Manchego premium

The first dish to choose from:

- Tuna salad and tomatoes

- Soup vichyssoise

Second course choice:

- Roast beef with mashed potatoes

- Baked hake with vegetables and potatoes

Dessert: Chocolate Mousse with salt and olive oil. Drinks: wine or sangria, mineral water, tea or coffee

Children's menu (39 €):

- For the first macaroni and cheese in Neapolitan

- On the second chicken escalope with French fries

- Ice-cream and drink

There are vegetarian options for dinner at the same value.

Please make reservations for several days vatsappu +34 675 323 976 (Veronica), or send a request by email

Sara Baras
Average check: €€
Address: Av Francesc Ferrer i Guardia, 13
Metro station: Spain
Working hours:

Every day except Monday. Shaw 18-15 or in 20-45

cost: 40 - 70 €

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