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Flamenco - a reflection of the Spanish culture, bright, passionate, expressive dance, full of drama and emotions. It is a unique art form, striking his emotion and expressiveness.

In flamenco own special language, woven out of words, music and movement. This language is used to express the most profound spiritual experiences. In this - the power and allure of flamenco, his magic, unpredictability and originality.

The first mention of flamenco belongs to 1780 in upper Raval. The art of flamenco is associated with the first Roma who settled in Andalusia. These are the first nomads of Andalusia, who called themselves "Flamenkos".

Flamenco Dance - a movement of the soul, flamenco music - it is a revelation of the heart, and the song of flamenco - is the story of life. Flamenco - a theater, with its endless variants of productions, with its eternal themes. Every movement, every gesture - a shade of feeling. Flamenco - a journey inward, to the sincerity and inner voice. It is difficult to watch and listen to flamenco without empathy. Goose bumps and tears in his eyes.

The beauty of the dancers, beautiful music, colorful dresses, deep voice, feeling that here it is, the real Spain, seething from unrequited love, jealousy and passion.

In Barcelona we offer you to enjoy the most authentic flamenco show of all that are carried out in the city. It takes place in Barcelona from 1988 on the territory of the Spanish Derevnina mountain of Montjuic. Temperamental dancers and talented musicians will give you a nice evening and will plunge into the atmosphere of a real, and very passionate southern Spain.

You can choose from several options for the show:

- Flamenco show without dinner, only with sangria or wine - 41 €. Start the show 18-15 or in 20-45

- Flamenco Show with sangria and tapas - 52 €. Dinner starts at 18-15 or in 20-45

- Flamenco Show with "Carmen" dinner - 70 €. Dinner starts at 18-15 or in 20-45

Dinner with tapas (€ 52):

- A glass of gazpacho

- Aged cheese

- Hamon with bread and tomatoes

- Mushrooms in garlic sauce

- Squid in the Andalusian

- Croquettes with black pudding

For dessert cream Catalana. As for drinks - wine, sangria, mineral water and coffee.

DINNER "Carmen" (70 €):


- A glass of gazpacho

- The highest quality Jamon with bread and tomatoes

- Mussels in tempura

- Canape with goat cheese and marmalade

-Canape with fillet of Iberian pork

Hot to choose from:

- Medallion of veal with glazed onions and potatoes under a rosemary sauce

- Fish, whiting in Andalusian

For dessert, cake, soaked in syrup with cream. As for drinks - wine, sangria, mineral water and coffee

Children's menu (39 €):

- For the first macaroni and cheese in Neapolitan

- On the second chicken escalope with French fries

- Ice-cream and drink

There are vegetarian options for dinner at the same value.

Посещение фламенко на территории Poble Espanyol дает возможность бесплатно посетить это уникальное пространство (обычно вход сюда стоит 15 €).

Please make reservations a few days by phone. +34 675 323 976 (Veronica), or send a request by email

Spanish Village - is a complex of old Spanish buildings of different eras. Many of the houses are made in full size, some - of their small copy, but all the details of a stunningly accurate and skillfully worked out. Spanish Village was built in 1927 year to the World's Fair 1929 of the year. The aim of creating an open-air museum that was to acquaint visitors with the exhibition of Spanish culture and history. Where you can make great photos and buy original handmade souvenirs for yourself and friends. At night, Spanish Village turns into a party place with plenty of bars and nightclubs where you can party till the morning.

Sara Baras
Average check: €€
Address: Av Francesc Ferrer i Guardia, 13
Metro station: Spain
Working hours:

Every day except Monday. Shaw 18-15 or in 20-45

cost: 40 - 70 €

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