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From the unremarkable, the bar, where the majority of visitors to eat standing up, talking rapidly, authentic place, one of "those" Barcelona's institutions to maintain their individuality. The range of dishes is small, the bar offers a total of three kinds of different tapas, this is the ideal place for those who have problems with the choice. Order all three tapas and a bottle of house rose wine, it is to spill from the keg, bottle costs about four euros.

Grilled sardines, tomato salad with anchovies and sandwiches with homemade sausage. Simple, cheap and very tasty. It always wants to go back for the entourage and the most delicious fried fry in Barcelona.

Average check:
Address: Goods, 28
Metro station: Barceloneta, Jaume I
Working hours: From Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 15-30 and 18.30 to 23-30

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