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Despite, Wok Umai that is just two streets away from the endless queues at the Sagrada Familia, it is very quiet and peaceful place, which will not find crowds of tourists in search of sangria with paella for 10 €. Instead of this, for the same price you can eat to satiety a variety of seafood, who will prepare right in front of you, rolls, sashimi, rice, noodles and other delicacies of Asian cuisine.

Wok Umai (бывший Yutaka II) довольно небольшой, but because of the quiet zone, Where is he located, a place where you can always find. In the menu, a large selection of dishes for lovers of the batter: shrimp, crabs, squid rings, chicken and duck meat, pates, spring rolls and all kinds of vegetables, which only can be wrapped in batter. For the fried part goes counter with fresh seafood, where there is always several kinds of shrimp, lobsters, mussels, karakatitsы, a fish, meat and vegetables. Collect the plates and move on to the grill area, where experienced Chinese chefs quickly prepare you all. Be sure to try the artichokes grilled, in Wok Umai they make especially tasty. And do not forget to choose the sauce, there are several kinds, and all the household. For dessert - cakes, fruit, profiteroles and ice cream.

During the day the price for an unlimited number of approaches 9,80 €, evening and weekends - 14,90 €.

Fried zucchini
Average check: €€
Address: Rossello, 373
Metro station: sacred Family
Working hours: The restaurant is open daily from 13: 00 to 1630 and 20: 00 to 00:00

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