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Landmarks around Barcelona is rich in natural beauty and well-preserved ancient settlements. Catalan hinterland amazing, and we strongly recommend to get into the wilderness, there, where it ends and begins mass tourism authentic local life, Measured, a serene and charming.

for example, and a half hours by car from Barcelona on a rock stands the medieval village of Rupit. According to legend, it is considered, that at the time of the Inquisition witches fled here, to escape the massacres in larger settlements.

At some point they become so much, that the city was popularly its second name "witch's Nest". Complaints respectable inhabitants of the medieval Rupit, who are tired of the devil's Neighborhood, authorities have responded. Then came Rupit Fathers of the Spanish Inquisition, who began to struggle with blasphemies with cruelty, zeal and neprimirimostyu.S since the city streets blazed numerous fires, which burned heretics, witches, other unwanted neighbors people, and along with the Jews, who did not want to accept the Christian faith. In Rupit witch brought from different parts of Spain, to give them to the fire at the stake of the Inquisition. This place is considered especially holy and strong, where every evil loses its power. The last execution took place in Catalonia, it is here in the early 70-ies of the last century, and the last executioner died in 1984 in upper Raval.

The city is a museum with a rather grim exhibits, Rupit to acquaint visitors with the bloody era of the Spanish Inquisition and its cruelty.

Rupit also interesting, that is built on the solidified lava, was formed after a volcanic eruption 11 thousand. years ago. Sagging lava used as steps in the construction of streets. Now it is home to less than 400 residents.

Entrance to the village on a suspension bridge is impressive. During a tour of the town of Rupit, we can walk through the atmospheric streets among buildings, which more than 500 years, down to the waterfall, taste farm products and sausages at the local bar, and drinking wine, how to put the Catalans, from the vessel porron.

Cost of the tour: on a group tour to 4 and people in Rupit Besalu will cost 250 €.

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to a group tour 4 people in Rupit and Besalu will cost 250 €

cost: 250 €

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