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Spanish kings in all ages loved to surround himself with the exquisite beauty and luxury. Although barselontsy stubbornly styled their city the capital of an independent Catalonia from the Spanish crown, remnants of the Kingdom of luxury can be found here. In particular, extraordinary in its beauty park Pedralbes, the territory of which is the palace of King Alfonso XIII.

Upon entering the park through the majestic gates of wrought iron, who guard its peace and quiet from the bustling Avenida Diagonal, you find yourself directly in the refined classicism era. Multicolored flower carpet smoothly flows into the oval pond, in the middle of which sits an elegant marble beauty. Top of the pond two symmetrical avenues diverge. Just over a pond - Waterfall and green slope with laurels and orange trees. Vegetation in the royal garden of the most diverse. There are palm trees, kiparisы, cedars, basswood, fragrant eucalyptus, magnolias, kiparisы, pine, acacia and many other flowering plants, forming a pleasant scented shade. There is even a small bamboo grove!

Numerous park alleys, arranged with geometric precision of Classicism, decorated with bamboo benches, marble statues and fountains. Fountain in the park a few, there is even a single hand of Gaudi, Tucked away in a remote corner of. Find it and the truth is not easy, not for nothing did not know of its existence in the park for a while and found by chance only 1984 year during the restoration of the territory. Besides, by Gaudi in the park has remained overgrown loach parabolic pergola, shaped like a tower of the Sagrada Familia.

The main property of the park - it, of course, Royal Palace, presented by famous entrepreneur Joan Guell King Alfonso XIII. This residence was built in 1921 year instead of directly burnt on Christmas day 1875 in upper Raval. To stay in his palace the king Alfonso XIII had only once, at 1926 in upper Raval. Soon Franco came to power and all the king's luxury for many years has passed into the hands of. Now the palace is open to the public. In the halls of the palace preserved much of the past pompous receptions, including, royal throne chair with gold lions. Besides, here we fit two museums: the Museum of Ceramics and the Museum of Decorative Arts.

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Address: Of. Diagonal, 686
Metro station: Royal Palace
Working hours: The park is open from 10 a.m. to 9 evening

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