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Barcelona from all causes certain associations and memories. Gaudi's Sagrada Familia velikogo, artists Dali and Picasso, azure beaches, Paella de Marisco, bulyvar Ramblas, sangria in glass jars, Pakistanis, tirelessly selling beer. But there is a category of people, for whom the word Barcelona is primarily the hum of screaming fans, noise Stadium, delightedly watching over enchanting game Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and Puyolya. The crowd chanted in unison "Baaaaaarsa, Baaaaaaarsa! ', Camp Nou is about to explode with emotion, beloved by millions team again works wonders.

Every self-respecting football fan, arrived in Barcelona, first thing, postponing a visit to the masterpieces of Gaudi, It goes to the heart of the football life of Catalonia - a museum of the legendary football club "Barcelona" at the Camp Nou stadium. Even if the fans Barca are you absented, see Europe's biggest stadium, Turf which ottoptali not some well-known football boots, definitely worth.

Camp Nou (Translated into the Catalan "new field") - the main arena of "Barcelona". It is a huge stadium, accommodating 100 thousands of spectators, considered one of the best stadiums in Europe. Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium - is the third largest stadium in the world, the first two are in Sao Paulo and Mexico City.

The museum itself was opened in 1984 year and soon became the most visited museum in Barcelona and Catalonia, for all the time it was visited by about 15 million people. Even the famous Sagrada Familia, as it turned out, attracts fewer tourists. The museum trophies and awards the club: cups, T-shirts, football boots, pictures and recordings of almost all the heads of the legendary Barca. Separate delight visitors is the collection of figurines scatting favorite players. According to Catalan tradition of such figures bring happiness and luck.

In addition to the museum entrance fee included a tour of the stadium itself. It includes a visit to the premises of virtually all arenas: the players locker room, access to the field and the coaching zone, hall for press conferences, where you can be photographed with the trophy of the Champions League, rostrum Nou Camp, commentator lodge, Barca TV studio and chapel, the chapel. Excursion to the museum includes a visit to the historic hall, collection Futbolart, where there is even the work of Dali, Miro and Tapies, and temporary exhibitions.

«Més que un club» - this is the motto of FC Barcelona, which means "More, than a club ". And here you can not argue. FC Barcelona - is adored by all team, Catalan character. It is a cult, practical religion. Sam stadium, as well as its legendary hosts, It has long been a symbol and pride of an independent Catalonia.

Locals from the cradle adore your club, babies are sliders with the emblem of the team, Barcelona suffer for both adults and children, local and expats, bars overflow and boil with passion during matches. The total unity and only the most sincere emotions. Nobility, game beauty, honesty, respect for opponents, true to the tradition - it's all there in the Barca game.

Buy tickets to the museum

FC Barcelona's Camp Nou
Address: C / Aristides Mallol s / n
Metro station: Les Corts, Badal
Working hours: During the summer, the museum is open every day from 930 a.m. to 19:30, and in winter - from 10: 00 to 18:30
entrance fee: Entrance to the museum costs 23 €, preferential - 17€, children up to 6 years - free €

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