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If you wanted to look at Barcelona from a height or simply turned out to be free from sightseeing and shopping day, it is advisable to go to an incredibly exciting journey. Montjuic Mountain - is a mine of interesting, so take a camera, wear comfortable shoes and start the ascent to the mountain full of surprises.

In fact, the mountain of Montjuïc hill is rather high 173 meters, and in addition, Europe's largest park in the city. Where Barcelona hosted the World's Fair 1929 year and the Summer Olympic Games 1992 of the year. On the territory of Montjuic is a botanical garden, the Olympic Stadium, the old fortress, the Spanish village, a municipal swimming pool with fabulous views of the city, the museums of Joan Miró and the MNAC, the biggest Jewish cemetery in Europe, as well as the many cozy squares and parks where you can lie on the grass, reading a book or talking with your friends.

The most beautiful views of Barcelona from Miramar restaurant open grounds, opposite the eponymous hotel. This also comes cabinet red cable car, which you can sit on the beach near Barceloneta. Between the hotel and the restaurant is spread beautiful garden in a classic English style, walk in which it is a pleasure.

To enjoy even more fabulous views, worth the climb on the old fortress 1640 of the year. It is called the «Castillo de Montjuic». From small stone bridges, towers and platforms cluttered with old tools, offers excellent views of the city and its surroundings, the huge multi-storey cruise ships arriving at the port, and the sharp spiers of the Sagrada Familia. The slope of the hill below the castle occupied by a string of parks and gardens. exotic collection of most prominent cactus gardens Costa i Llobera, including giant specimens c extremely frightening spikes that barselontsy affectionately called "Teschin chair".

After visiting the fortress is heading towards the Olympic Stadium, through which you can easily walk down the mountain through the Singing Fountain on the Plaza de España.

To get to the very top of the mountain of Montjuïc are many ways. If you enjoy walking and are not afraid of lifts and stairs, then it is best to do it on foot. In fact, it's not so scary rise in foot of Montjuic takes about 15 minutes, you will need to cross the area of ​​Poble Sec on the street Nou de la Rambla. Nearest metro station here - Parallel. When he reached the top, turn left and walk a hundred meters, you will find the right path that leads to a small vacant lot in the back you will find a ladder, climb up, you will come to the municipal swimming pool Montjuic. With the help of the ladder, you will cut off a few extra twists. With the height of the pool it is already possible to start enjoy the views, and from him to the Miramar hotel grounds all 3 minutes walk, if you go to the left of the stairs

Most tourist way to climb to Montjuic, is a red booth, which is by cable car from the tower of San Sebastian at Passeig Don Joan Borbó Comte, 88. This vehicle is called Transbordador Aeri, which literally means "air ferry". You can use it to 11 a.m. to 19-00 in summer, in winter it is open until 17-30. The main disadvantage is the high season, it's long lines and cost 11 € one way. If you have a lot, a taxi to the top of Montjuic will be much cheaper. Yet there is at least once a ride on the "air ferry" because the view it offers unique, most beautiful panoramic pictures of Barcelona, ​​and you provided.

There are two other ways to go up to Montjuic. Take a bus 150 Plaza of Spain or 55 at Plaza Catalunya or in the metro Sant Antoni. Both of these buses will take you to the mountains, although the 150th lift to the top of the castle and the 55th only to the hotel Miramar. Once you can get to Parallel Metro Station, and there transfer to a funicular journey on which stands as an ordinary trip to the underground. From there to the castle there is a cable car with gray cubicles, travel to one end of which is 7,5 or € 11 € back and forth.

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Address: Montjuïc 08038 Barcelona
Metro station: Spain, Poble Sec

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