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One of the most secluded and beautiful places of Barcelona - Park Cervantes, who is also a rose garden Cervantes. Surprisingly, even on weekends people are almost invisible. Local quietly sit on secluded benches with a book, while tourists rarely get off here. But we strongly recommend that you spend 15 minute metro ride from Plaza Catalunya and look at this pink miracle.

On the vast territory of the park (8 hectares) collected about 2 000 different varieties of roses, and the number of hives exceeds 10 000. It is best to come here in May-July, when the roses are in the peak of their flowering. Rosary divided into 43 section, each of them dedicated to a particular topic and territory. Here you can find varieties from different parts of Europe, Asia, Middle East and America. There are huge, almost half a head value, and there are quite tiny dwarf roses. The most beautiful place of the park - this is probably the semicircular pergola, which collected 233 varieties of climbing roses.

Rose breeding Catalan capital has long been interested in the early twentieth century began to spend all kinds of festivals and competitions. Start of the Franco dictatorship, unfortunately, the situation has changed, the pink holidays felt ridiculous whim and flowers until the end of the century almost did not engage. FROM 2001 in Barcelona renewed the annual competitions of roses and the venue was the Cervantes Park, renovated a few years before this.

Все еще думаете как разнообразить свой пляжно-городской досуг? Собирайте корзинку для пикника и вперед! Даже в самый жаркий день здесь можно найти приятную тень с мягким ароматом любимых цветов.

Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 708-716
Metro station: University area
Working hours: The park is open from 10 a.m. to 9 evening
entrance fee: FREE €

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